Workspace – Day 14 BEDM


Day 14 prompt for Blog Everyday in May #BEDM is Workspace

My usual workspace is sat on a beanbag at our coffee table. Laptop, paper, pens and a never ending list of to do’s! Being a lazy blogger means there are days that the laptop doesn’t even get turned on!

At the moment I’m sitting on this bed, because im not at home. Our apartment has 2 single beds in one room and a separate double bedroom.

It’s not that comfortable and I’m not used to blogging on my tabet!

I’m on holiday and still trying to keep up with the challemge.

Do you still blog when you’re on holiday?


Are you taking part in #BEDM?

What are your views / opinions on the subject for today?  I’d love to hear from you, pop a comment below.
soosie wales


  1. Nikki

    Well done for keeping up with blogging whilst being on holiday! Thats impressive and I hope you have a lovely time away x

  2. Tabi

    Wow, that’s that’s dedication! Have a fabulous time away – not jealous in the slightest! *lies*


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