Week 9 – 2017 Mind Numbing Office Politics

Week 9 – 2017 Mind Numbing Office Politics 

Week 9 – the week of getting lost in the hospital, office politics, extra hours and #1day12pics.

Sunday – in work and for once it all went well and I managed to finish early.

Monday – Hospital appointment. Not something I was looking forward to, but who does? We had to be there at 5pm so we left home early just in case of rush hour traffic. I’m glad we did, as we got lost trying to find what I thought was the right department! If you’ve ever been to the Royal Gwent in Newport you’ll understand!!
The consultant didn’t turn up until 5:30pm but he soon got going. He’s recommended a colon CT scan for me and I’m really NOT looking forward to that!

Tuesday – Had to go into work for an hour for a ‘Listening Session’ with the office team and our manager. For the most part it was a groaning session which gets on my wick. I tried to bring the discussion around to our lack of process regarding the new £1 coins.. think it’s all on deaf ears.. No doubt a couple of days before they’ll expect someone to go in late at night to empty the self-service tills ready for the engineer to change them over!!

Wednesday – working as usual and managed to get out a little early.
Off home for lunch then off to the cinema to watch Logan. This is the latest in the Wolverine series. It sees Logan in the not too distant future making a living as a limo driver and taking care of Professor X. It’s a Marvel film unlike any other Wolverine or X-Men movie. Full of action of course but you see a more vulnerable side of Logan. Full marks and highly recommended.

Thursday working usual Wednesday and extra shift for Thursday.

Friday – My colleague who I usually get on well with was really miserable and offish. When I asked what was wrong all I got was ‘I’m alright it’s not worth discussing’.
Right fine…obviously something has been said and/or done by me but gawd knows what. Good job I’ve got a thick skin.

Saturday – #1day12pics again. I decided to go for a walk around Magor Marsh – the local wetland area and take some photos. I used my longer lens for the whole of the walk, hoping to capture some of the wildlife but they seemed to be in hiding!
Today was the first time that I felt like I ‘made’ photos, thinking about settings, composition and what I wanted to capture.

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A Year With My Camera

This week is the start of the Composition modules and is about composition. Getting a good balance of background, foreground and subject.
The homework is to take photos but to change your viewpoint to get a good shot.
1. Mostly subject
2. No foreground at all
3. Mostly foreground
4. Mostly background
5. A pleasing balance between all 3

week 9, 2017, composition, soosie wales

That’s it for another week.



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  1. chickenruby

    sorry to hear about the upcoming hospital tests. I was born in the Royal Gwent, it really hasn’t changed that much over the past 45 years. I’ve been rummaging in odd drawers to locate £1 coins and £5 notes to offload on my trip to the UK later this month. I’ll be in Monmouth BTW if you fancy a meet up/coffee

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Oh that would be lovely to have a meet up. 🙂

  2. Notmyyearoff

    I hope your scan goes well and it finds out what’s wrong. We watched Logan too and wow did I jump a LOT but it was SOoooo good wasn’t it? I think I was expecting that other big mutant at the end…I don’t want to give any spoilers away but I hope that makes sense 🙂

  3. Erica Price

    Sounds like a frustrating week. Hope next week is a better one and that the scan goes well.

  4. Sara | mumturnedmom

    Really want to see Logan! Hope the scan goes well, not nice having to have tests but better than the alternative. Love your composition study x

  5. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    I really don’t miss the office politics and all the rubbish that goes on. Hope the scan goes ok for you #365

  6. Elaine Livingstone

    annoying when you make the effort to turn up on time and the professional person is late. Hope the scan does not show anything sinister.
    Cant stand people that wont just come out with it and get it over and done with, why fester for a while causing friction?
    Glad you enjoyed the film.

  7. jenny paulin

    oh I hope you are ok and that the CT and scan will give positive results. must be a bit daunting and worrying waiting for it. Logan does look good and I have read that it is very different to a normal X Man movie – he is worth watching it for anyway ha ha! I don’t miss the shambles that is office etiquette and all that bull****! never understood why but had to be like it was. xx


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