Week 6 #Project365 – 2015

We had a rather busy week.

Sunday – I was doing extra hours in work to cover for holidays. I managed to finish by 2pm so had most of the afternoon to laze about.

Monday – GOOD NEWS!!! The plumber turned up and fixed the water supply. The pressure valve he fitted last week just needed adjusting and the leak on the water cylinder didn’t need a part after all…just uncoupled and new plumbing tape fitted to it. So we now have lashings of hot pressurised water!!

Tuesday – Lazed around the house, tidying and cleaning.  We arranged last week for the leather repairer to do some repairs to our big sofa. One seaat pad has a hole worn in it and part of the foam had slipped making it look lop sided. It has to be taken apart in the house as it’s too big to go through the door. It was a tight fit even when it was new!
It’ll be gone for a week then the 2 seater is off for some new padding.

Wednesday – Work day – finished later than usual so we had to change plans for Orange Wednesday and go later than planned. Hubby had got a couple of casseroles out of the freezer and peeled some potatoes so all we had to do was get them cooked and reheat the casseroles when we got home.
This week we watched ‘Kingsman – The Secret Service’, imagine James Bond taken to higher level.. it’s wickedly funny, full of action and really rather mad.  It’s about a very secret service that operates beyond the usual MI6 and they are recruiting for a new member after the demise of one spy at the start of the film. All the new recruits are put through tough tests to prove their worthiness.
The film rattles along at a good pace and there are some great set pieces. One in particular with Colin Firth battling against a church full of people to the backing sound of Lynard Skynard’s Freebird.  Well any film that has that tune in it is ok in my book as it’s in my top 3 all time great tunes.

Thursday – working again to cover holidays.
Hubby bought a load of curry / chinese sauces from the local supermarket. All going for a bargain as they are not going to stock Pataks /Sharwoods any longer.  Nice to have for those times when you want to cook up something quick or for the times you can’t be arsed to cook from scratch!!
We went to see Oldest boy and the kiddies. Ashley is much more interested in his brother now that he’s taking more notice. He loves to make him laugh and Theo smiles as soon as he sees him. I hope they have’ll always have brotherly love like their daddy and his brother.

Friday – Good news from Oz, youngest son has WiFi back!! Gawd I’ve missed having him online.. they moved from their house to an apartment so he had an easier journey to work and since moving they’ve had to wait for a new connection to the phone lines and broadband.  A good Skype session planned for Sunday morning.
It’s hubby’s 60th on Sunday and we went out for a buffet curry.. how good am I to agree to that rather than watch Wales v England in the 6 Nations. (I’m the rugby nut – he’s not sport minded at all)

Saturday – Not much going on. Caught up with a few blogs and trying to clear my laptop of loads of crap to make it run a bit faster.

Here’s my selection for the week.

soosie wales, birthday, grandchildren


  • The sauces shelf in my cupboard 
  • Hubby enjoying his second plate of curry!
  • The sofa waiting for it’s seating back!
  • Theo the chubby babba
  • Theo laughing at Ashley, who was pulling faces at him and blowing raspberries!

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  1. sarahmo3w

    Definitely a curry theme going on this week! Theo is such a cutie! Must be good to be able to be back in touch with your son again 🙂

  2. ourlittleescapades

    Sounds like a very busy week. I really want to go and see kingsman now, I wonder if I can talk my mum into another babysitting day!

  3. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    Theo is gorgeous. That last photo is beautiful. #365

  4. Menai Newbould (@MenaiN)

    Ooh, I would love to see that film! Even when we lived in India most people we knew did use spice packs and started sauces with some help – we have continued to eat a lot of curry now we are home. We loved the anthems and build up more than the rugby result!

  5. Jaime Oliver

    oh wow I didn’t realise you could have leather sofas repaired like that .. i should have checked as outs was dreadful and i had it taken to the tip instead ;-(

    1. Sue

      This will be the third repair. All 3 seats on the big sofa and some padding and webbing tightened.
      Both sofas are really heavy and the frame is strong so it’s financially better to get a repair. We’d be looking at over £5k to replace as new.
      The part he took away is heavier than most modern suites.

  6. Kim Carberry

    What lovely photos! The last one is just adorable x

  7. chickenruby

    oh i so feel your pain with getting decent internet abroad, I Skype and fb my mother daily, but to date only hubby and the phone line company have actually rung the landline

  8. jennypaulin

    goodness Theo has really grown – how old is he now? what a cutie
    thanks for the review of Kingsmen, i will bear that in mind when it is released on DVD x

    1. Sue

      He’s nearly 5 months now. Its gone so quickly!

  9. Erica Price

    Lots going on. I’d like to see Kingsman too. It sounds like my sort of thing. I’m not the only one who stocks up like that with special offers then?


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