Week 47 Project365 – 2015

Week 47 Project365 – 2015

A bit behind schedule this week. Rather busy with a couple of extra shifts in work followed by an almost sleepless night on Friday.

Sunday – An extra shift in work, we’ve had a few changes to deal with but all went well.

Monday – Catching up on housework and starting a shopping list to get the cupboards filled.

Tuesday – Cinema this afternoon to see ‘The Lady in the Van’. The film stars Maggie Smith as a down and out who lives in her van. She ends up being parked on Alan Bennett’s driveway for 15 years. It’s a ‘proper’ British comedy, very funny but also tinged with a bit of pathos. Highly recommended!

Wednesday / Thursday – work days. We did shopping on Thursday, it’s the annual ‘big staff discount’ week so the list was pretty long to take advantage of the 20% discount and special offers on products we normally buy.  The cupboards are now groaning and won’t need filling until well into the New Year!

Friday – Up early for work then back home to relax before son and DIL dropped the boys off so they could go out for her birthday. Ashley was excited to know he was sleeping at our house!

Saturday – Theo woke at 1:15 and I ended up giving him some milk to go back to sleep. He woke again just after 6am..hungry for breakfast!  While I fed him some porridge Ashley took advantage to have a nice cuddle with Dad-Dad,
They were picked up by Mummy and Daddy around 11am.
We went to see MIL and I spent the afternoon getting to grips with installing an Amazon Fire Stick in the TV. Very easy to sort out but also had to sort out the sound system too. I wish they would allow you to have 2 optical cables for sound. It’s such a faff when you have SKY connected to the home cinema system and you want to add another peripheral!
Eventually got it sorted and then made some notes so Hubby could get it working when I’m not about.. #technophobe.
Our friends came over for supper – good to catch up as we’ve not seen them for about 3 months!

Week 47 Project365, soosie wales


  • One week shopping £200!! 
  • Early morning selfie with Theo. 
  • My concession to wearing ‘something’ Christmassy at work. #BahHumbug
  • Playing nicely together. 
  • I like the reflections from the rain on this leaf. 

I’m rather disappointed that I’ve not done #BEDN for 2 days. I had so much taking up my time on Friday and Saturday. The laptop was only on for an hour over the 2 days.

Hope you had a good week.

soosie wales

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  1. Elaine Livingstone

    what a shame you had missed a few days, so near the end of the month too, you must be gutted. but they say making the memories is more important than writing them.
    We have never had the gruesome twosome overnight, but I have no cots., and not sure Dinky would stay. Nice you had some fun with them. Great to see them playing together.
    I am a #Bahhumbug with you but will need to wear something on Boxing Day.

  2. Erica Price

    I like the sound of the film – it’s one that I have been thinking about going to see.


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