Week 43 Project366 – 2016

Week 43 Project366 – 2016

Ok, Ok, so I’m catching up again for Week 43 Project366. This week 42 and 43. Recovery from the flu, poorly grandson and not much else!

Week 42

Recovering from flu and laryngitis. Cough and croaking was gradually getting better and I decided to return to work on Wednesday after managing to get a reasonable night’s sleep.

We went to see The Girl on the Train this week. Emily Blunt plays Rachael, a rather sad divorcee who travels past her previous home everyday on the train. She see’s her husband and his new partner and the neighbours. It start quite slowly but then the threads of the story start to come together. I won’t tell you more other than to say it doesn’t go in the direction you expect. Excellent!

On Thursday our son called to say that Theo had been admitted to hospital with a chest infection. He’d been poorly for a few days. He had x-rays and blood tests, they put him on meds and oxygen.  He was a little better on Friday but had to stay another night.

On Friday we went to the funeral of next door neighbour. She’d been gravely ill for some time. It was quite sad seeing Mac grieving for his wife.
When we got home I rung the son to see how Theo was doing. He asked if we could have Ashley overnight as DIL needed some sleep as she was coming down with the lurgy too.

We took Ash to Nanny Mo’s (his great gran) and took him home later on Saturday afternoon. Theo was allowed to come home but he was still pretty miserable so we offered to have Ash for another night so poorly mummy could cope with just one!
Ash was a pleasure to have and I think he enjoyed being centre of attention, although he missed Theo a lot!

Week 43

Cinema on Monday to see The Accountant. A story about a high functioning autistic man who’s a whizz at maths and also has a sideline of being an accountant for some shady people. To be honest it would have been a better film if someone other than the wooden Ben Affleck was in the lead role. One to catch on video..
Tuesday was a cinema visit again. This time to see the new Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise. Think of a dumbed down Bourne.. you got it.. It’s good but not great.

The rest of the week wizzed past with nothing special. Except on Friday when I went a bit ape-shit with my section leader. I hate it when others in the office team get nit picky and decide to report you for not signing off a form even when you’re not there! What ever happened to getting each others back?? Well, I know what to do in the future!

So that’s it for the last 2 weeks.

Week 43 Project366, soosie wales


  • Molly – silly cat still tugging out her fur and won’t come in. 
  • I love that little face. 
  • Spider web catching the light. 
  • AYWMC prompt – Yellow
  • Autumn colours of the Dogwood

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  1. Elaine Livingstone

    Glad Theo is on the mend, a very worrying time for you all. But it has the upside of getting Ashley to yourself and overnight as well.
    Hate it when people at work see the need to nit pick and interfere with other peoples jobs rather than worrying about their own.
    Hope Molly comes in before the winter gets here.

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Poor Molly will stay outside. Silly cat..She has plenty of shelter in the garden. She won’t even step inside the house.

  2. Erica Price

    What a difficult couple of weeks! Hope Theo is getting better. Life is too short to nit pick all the time – you’d think they’d have something better to do.

  3. Jenny paulin

    sorry you were so poorly – hopefully you are back to normal now. I love reading your film reviews, I have not read the book for Girl on a Train but the trailer i saw for the film, makes me want to see it! Sounds like you have a jobsworth a work – hare people like that, why can’t they just butt out! Nothing to dow with them. I also hope that Theo is much better now? That must have been worrying for you all x


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