Week 41 Project366 – 2016

Week 41 Project366 – 2016

Ok so here I am doing a 2 week update again for Week 40 Project366 and Week 41 Project366.

It’s been a shitty 2 weeks to be fair. Hubby was poorly with a bad cold for the first week and I had it (still have it) for the second.

Week 40

Highlights – Cinema on Tuesday to see Deepwater Horizon. The true story of the BP oil rig that blew up. The first half of the film was pretty slow but once the action started it picked up. Not one I’d rush to see again.

Wednesday – got home from work and Hubby was laid out on the sofa clearly not well. Banging headache and coughing and knew that it won’t be long before I got it too!

No visit to MIL (Woo) don’t want her to get this cold as it’d likely polish her off!

Week 41

Not much to say here, the cold hit me on Sunday and I’ve not done much other than lie on the sofa and cough. The cough was persistent and left me with Laryngitis and mostly sleepless nights.
The only time I went out the door was for a blood test on Tuesday and a ‘I’ve had enough of this bloody cough and not sleeping’ appointment at the doctor on Friday. No medication will help, I just have to ride the storm for a few more days.
The voice is coming back although sleep is still difficult with the coughing.

Very few photos taken, mind was willing but the body unable!

Hope you’ve had a better week!

Week 41 Project366, soosie wales


  • A Year with My Camera prompt – extreme perspective
  • A Year with My Camera prompt – My Camera
  • My home for the past 6 days 🙁
  • Lovely Waitrose Buttermilk crumpets. Rather scrummy. 
  • A night time visitor to the garden. 

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  1. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    Sounds like you’ve both had a bit of a rough time. Love your night time visitor #366

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    Oh dear poor you and hubby, no fun and I sympathise. Had the night time niggly cough that stops you sleeping. I use to have one of those electric beds that I picked up new and cheap and it was a godsend for a comfy upright position that did help a bit with the sleep.
    Great pic of the hedgehog, we have one that visits as well.


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