Week 37 #Project365 – 2014

Hello everyone, I’ve had a very busy and hectic week but a very happy one!

Sunday – relaxing

Monday – Trip to Tredegar House and gardens. We didn’t go inside the house or formal gardens, just had a walk around the parkland and had a picnic.

Tuesday – DIL has been getting a few twinges and pains for a few days so we offered to have Ashley overnight just in case she went into labour. Son dropped him off after nursery and he helped Grandad to water the tubs.

Wednesday – All ready for nursery he wanted to take his Hamley’s cat with him!! His Mummy and Daddy picked him to take him to nursery and 30 minutes later son rang to say DIL waters had broken!
His other Grandad and Nanna was picking him from nursery and had him overnight. We still went to the cinema for Orange Wednesday! The Guest this week – a cracking film – Dan Stevens who plays The Guest is really creepy and there are some real butt clenching moments in the film.  Not the sort of person you would want to welcome to your home.

Thursday – No photo for today – I was at my work induction which took ALL day. I was bliddy knackered by the time I got home.  It was awful having my phone on silent and only checking it when we were at break… although I did sneak a quick look now and then when the boss left the room.. she was aware of the circumstances.

Friday – At 4:40am I had a text from our son to say that our second grandson had been born, 6lbs 15oz and will be called Theo. We picked Ashley up from nursery and took him to the hospital to see his mummy, daddy and new brother!

Saturday – Ashley stayed with us while Daddy went back to the hospital to see Mummy and Theo. They were discharged mid afternoon. It’s all quiet now and we can relax for a bit now!!


  • Singing the wheels on the bus
  • Ready for nursery
  • Wasp caught in a web – can you see the spider laying in wait?? 
  • Orange Wednesday – The Guest
  • Watering the tubs
  • That’s one big acorn!!

Soosie wales, wasps, orange wednesday, tredegar house, garden

Welcome to the world! This is Theo.

Welcome to the world! This is Theo.

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  1. emmysmummy

    Awwwww welcome Theo. So adorable.

  2. Sarah W (@sarahMo3W)

    Congratulations on the new grandson! What an exciting week! He looks like a gorgeous little boy (so does his brother).

  3. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Theo is gorgeous! Congratulations again, such lovely news 🙂 That photo of the wasp is a bit sinister, great capture.

  4. Elaine Livingstone

    aaahhhh he is tiny, welcome to the world Theo, and I hope Ashley enjoys being a big brother. Love the wheels on the bus pic, I think they are so adorable when they do thing like that

  5. Emma T (@ETusty)

    Aw, congratulations on Theo’s arrival. Lovey pic.
    And that acorn really is huge. Where’s that?

  6. over40andamumtoone

    Welcome to the world Theo – you are adorable #365

  7. jennypaulin

    awwwwww congratulations grandma on your beautiful grandson – what does Ashley make of him?
    oooh The Guest sounds good i will keep an eye out for that to rent in a few months time (I love your use of the term butt clenching lol) xx

  8. Erica Price

    Congratulations on the arrival of your new grandson. Hope all’s going well.

  9. Jo Laybourn

    Awe welcome to the world baby Theo. Congratulations to the family and on becoming a Granny again! #365

  10. Jaime Oliver

    awww massive congratulations to you all!! a new grandson is so exciting! 🙂 xx

  11. Sarah Maddox

    Aw your grandson is so adorable. The new one. And the older one of course!

  12. Alison

    Congratulations on lovely new grandson, so adorable.


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