Week 36-39 Project366 – 2016

Week 36-39 Project366 – 2016

Oh hello again! I have a four week catch up here for Week 36-39 Project366 so I’ll try to keep my nonsense ramblings short and sweet.

Week 36 – 4/9 to 10/9 

All I can remember for this week was working extra hours and having a blast watching Bad Moms at the cinema. It’s very funny and quite crude at times. It’s about school mums and all trying to keep up with all the school functions but after one catches her hubby having online shenanigans with another woman she starts to rebel against the other mums. A great chick flick.

Week 37 – 11/9 to 17/9 

I worked extra hours again this week. Covering holidays is a right pain at times. Getting up at 5am leaves me too tired to do anything in the afternoon.

Monday 12th was Theo’s 2nd birthday. Yep 2 already where does the time go. He’s quite tiring too as he’s like the Duracell bunny, he doesn’t stop! Were my boys like this? I expect so but then I had more energy 30 years ago too!!

We went to see Hell or High Water. Set in Texas, 2 brothers, one divorced and one an ex-convict decide to rob banks to get enough money to stop the bank foreclosing on the family ranch. Jeff Bridges plays the Texas Ranger who gets on their trail. It’s good taut story about what drives some people to commit crimes. We really enjoyed this one.

Week 36-39 Project366, soosie wales


  • Ashley being silly – ‘my bum Nan’
  • Love the raindrops on the web
  • The Birthday boy – Theo aged 2
  • Spider. 

Week 38 – 18/9 to 24/9 

I couldn’t wait to finish work on Sunday, knowing that I was then on holiday! We spent Monday cleaning the house and getting the packing done.
Early start on Tuesday and on the road to Exeter Airport at 6am. We’ve never flown from Exeter before but we’ll definitely consider it again. A straight run down the M5 so easy to get to!
The flight left at 10:15am and we were on our way to Malta! Arrived at the hotel in Mellieha mid-afternoon. A bite to eat and good explore left us with good first impressions.
Wednesday – a day by the pool like we usually do on the first day.
Thursday – Boat trip to Gozo and open air bus trip around Gozo. Great value for money at €20 each for the boat and €10 each for the bus trip. Opportunity on boat trip back for a swim but neither of us bothered.
Friday, we planned to pop on a bus somewhere but I wasn’t feeling too well, think I had a bit too much sun the day before. Another pool day.
Saturday, Malta Air Show. We were both excited about this! Bus down to Luqa airport to see the static display of planes then on to Smart City for the airshow. They chose this area as it’s on the coast so the planes could fly over the water. We found a good spot down on the rocks at the sea edge. How I wish I had bought that new telephoto lens that I put off buying until it was too late!!
The show started at 5pm and went on for 2 hours with the Italian airforce pyrotechnic team closing the show in spectacular fashion.

Week 39 – 25/9 to 1/10 

Sunday – it was a bit cloudy so we caught the bus to Bugibba, about 20 minutes away. It’s a busier than Mellieha but as we were sitting having a cuppa it started to rain..just spitting so we carried on walking around.
The rain got a heavier so we stopped again and by this time it was pouring down. A decision to be made..stay where we were or dash back to the bus and go back to the hotel. We decided to dash for the bus – we got on soaked to the skin! Back at the hotel we couldn’t wait to get to our room to get dried off and put dry clothing on!
It rained for the rest of the day.
Monday – last full day spent by the pool. Early night too as we had to get up at 3AM!!! Mini bus picked us up at 3:45 for the flight home.
Tuesday – back at Exeter for 9:30am and on the road home soon after. We got home around midday, unpacked the cases and got some washing on. Then we collapsed on the sofas!
Wednesday – We went to see The Magnificent 7. A small town is being terrorised by a local gold miner and his thugs so they ask for help from Sam Chisolm (Denzel Washington). He puts together a team who take on the thugs. It’s glorious!

Rest of the week flew by ending with a visit from son DIL and the boys today. Ashley decided he wanted to stay with us again, not saying no!

Week 36-39 Project366, soosie wales


  • Sea view room 
  • Hubby at the Azure window – Gozo
  • Xlendi Bay – Gozo
  • The biggest lampshade I’ve ever seen!

Well hope you’ve stayed with me to here… Congratulations. 🙂 Here’s an extra – Malta Airshow.

Week 36-39 Project366, soosie wales
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  1. chickenruby

    Think I’ll check Bad Mums out, sounds like a film I’d enjoy, Happy 2nd birthday Theo, love those blonde curls. Your holiday sounds wonderful, shame about the rain, but only on the one day, but at least your last day was good weather

  2. Erica Price

    Lovely pictures of your holiday – we are flying from Exeter soon and I am intrigued to see what it is like. Hope Theo had a good 2nd birthday.

  3. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    Sounds like you’ve been really busy. Love the photos from the airshow, Malta looks lovely, and somewhere I’ve always wanted to explore #366

  4. Elaine Livingstone

    5 am is an early start, no wonder you are tired in an afternoon.
    I do not remember my kids being as hyper as Minky often is, mine were content to sit on their bums and concentrate on things, he never does.
    2 years has passed quickly, happy belated birthday Theo.
    The air show looks god, the pyrotechnic planes were what I expected at our air show and was seriously disappointed. Glad you enjoyed your holiday.

  5. karen reekie

    I like your ramblings. I love the plane shots and Happy Birthday to Theo!

  6. Emma T

    Ouch to a 3am airport run. The air show looked good. Nice to see you back

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Thank you. X

  7. Fozia S

    Happy birthday!! And the holiday looks fab!

  8. Jenny Paulin

    wow what a busy month you have had! Your holiday sounds lovely and flying from Exeter is ideal – i have done a few times before and it is lovely only having to travel such a short distance for flight. That really is a massive lampshade!
    I wanted to go and see Bad Moms, but i will have to wait now until it is out on DVD
    And Theo is 2 ?????? that is scary how quickly that has gone by isn;t it? wow


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