Week 35 Project366 – 2016

Week 35 Project366 – 2016

Catching up on Week 34 & Week 35 Project366. Bank Holiday, cinema and not much else!

Week 34 

Very quiet week, we didn’t do much other than short walks, cinema and seeing the boys.

We went to see The Shallows – a film about a girl who goes surfing, gets attacked by a shark and ends up on a rock at low tide and trying to get to safety before high tide. Doesn’t sound like much but it was actually suspenseful. Oh and the shark looked more realistic than the one in Jaws!!

Son and the boys came for a visit and Ashley wanted to stay with us for a bit so while Daddy took Theo home for a sleep we all went to the park.

Week 35 Project366, soosie wales

  • Watching Peppa
  • Taking a break from colouring
  • Huge chair outside a local pub. 
  • Waving – just because he wanted to!
  • Climbing – the boy is fearless!

Week 35 

Bank Holiday weekend and as I’m now working alternate Sundays it meant I had the weekend off!
We decided to go to Newport Wetlands so I could catch up with AYWMC prompts. Lovely weather and a long walk, tiring but felt good!

Cinema trip on Tuesday to see The Mechanic – Resurrection. A typical Jason Statham film, him against a man trying to get even and ‘The Stath’ betting the crap out of everyone.. disengage the brain and just enjoy the ride!

Only had one day off from Wednesday to Sunday as I was covering for holiday and it was my Sunday to work.

Week 35 Project366 , soosie wales

  • Mono and tiny subject – the old lighthouse on the Usk estuary. 
  • Deliberately discordant – the wetlands with the power station backdrop. 
  • RSPB projects for bees and wildlife. 
  • Waited ages for this butterfly to settle down. 

soosie wales

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  1. Elaine Livingstone

    well done on waiting around long enough to get the butterfly.
    Nice to spend some time with the boys and I like that he wanted to stick around and go to the park.
    The wetlands sound like a nice place for a walk.

  2. chickenruby

    i found the ‘relaxing’ colouring books one of the most stressful things i’ve ever done

  3. Alison

    Love the giant chair and the butterfly is a great capture. Will have to see if I can see the shallows now


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