Week 35 #Project365 – 2014

I’ll get my good news in first this week – I got the job! They called me on Friday and offered me an admin job in the cash office, minimum of 20 hours. The days / hours have to be confirmed and the pay isn’t wonderful but it’s a step in the door and better than having the zero income we have as the moment.

My second news – all the blood tests came back OK, one of the tests had a raised level so will have to be repeated but nothing to be concerned about. The lightheadness when I look up has been put down to a bit of arthritis in my neck that may be pressing a blood vessel. So ladies when you are  in labour and the midwife says don’t push into your neck… I slipped a disc giving birth to my second son and it wasn’t picked up for over 6 months, so the damage was already in progress.. 30 years later it’s still haunting me.. ah well could be worse!!

Anyway – onto the past week.

Sunday – Time to cut the conifer hedging. Hubby now has a petrol trimmer which is better than having cables trailing.  Lots of exercise for him up and down the ladders. He’s a wreck when he’s finished!

Monday – Short walk around the village – someone had fly tipped tyres, looks like they came from a large vehicle too.

Tuesday –  We didn’t do much today – pottered about the house.

Wednesday – Orange Wednesday this week – LUCY – about a young woman who takes a drug that increases the capacity of your brain and makes it work to 100%.  A film to switch off your own brain to ignore the plot holes – why was no one else affected? what the heck was the ending about??  It was ok but if you want to see a similar film watch Limitless which is far better.

Thursday – Took some pots on our walk with the intention of getting a lot more blackberries but we only managed enough to make a small crumble for tea. Most of them have been picked or are turning mouldy.

Friday – Our local Pensioners housing is being renovated.  The paint was peeling off the walls and they weren’t well insulated. The council has fitted new windows, new insulation and skimmed the exterior walls, replaced the roof and fitted solar panels. The bungalows are looking very smart now and it’s good know the residents will be warm and cosy every winter.

Saturday – Walked along the main road for a longer walk to the local shop.  The local brown road-sign always makes me smile – Historic Square.. you can walk around it in under 5 minutes.   Not exactly worthy of  a tourist sign – in my humble opinion.

This weeks pictures in 3 bites.


soosie wales, orange wednesday, hedge trimming, fly-tippingOrange Wednesday – Lucy, Hedge trimming, Tea-time Treat, Fly-tipping 

soosie wales, hedgerows, tourism  Mouldy Blackberries, Caterpillar, Historic Square ?

soosie wales, renovation,

Before and after renovations.  

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  1. familyfever

    Wow, the difference some new windows and a lick of paint can make! We have a sign like that in our town – the ‘historic market’ which is tiny and there once a week. Lol #365

  2. Erica Price

    Couldn’t wait until tomorrow and the link up to pop over to congratulate you on the job.Must be great to have that under your belt. Hope the hours suit. x

    1. Sue

      Thanks Erica. Four years out of work and looking for something I want to do. This will do..

  3. Jaime Oliver

    loving the renovations lovely ……. but more importantly MASSIVE congratulations on your new job!! 🙂

  4. krissottoh

    Congratulations on the job! And what a difference to the pensioners’ homes.

  5. over40andamumtoone

    Well done on the job front. Loving that caterpillar #365

  6. Elaine Livingstone

    yyyyyaaaahhhhhh on your new job, a huge congrats, and I hope you are enjoying it. Mould blackberries already, ours are barely ripe yet. That is some rather large hedge no wonder he is tired when he is finished

  7. jennypaulin

    very well done on the job thats great news, as is the blood results.
    a friend of mine went to see Lucy at the weekend and I said it sounded a lot like Limitless, looks like i was right then!amazing what a lick of paint can do x


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