Week 31 Project365 – 2015

Week 31 Project365 – 2015

We’ve not done very much this week. There’s been the usual visit to the cinema plus some gardening and a great day out on Saturday.

Sunday / Monday – Work on Sunday and catching up with youngest son in Oz. He’s STILL waiting for his work visa to go through!
Monday was spent catching up on emails and competitions.

Tuesday – we were going to take Ashley out for the day but the forecast wasn’t good so we re-scheduled for Saturday.
We went to see ‘Inside Out’, the latest Pixar movie. It doesn’t bother either of us that its supposed to be a kids film!
The film is about a girl called Riley and the emotions in her head (well they are in everyone’s head!) Joy, Disgust, Anger, Fear and Sadness. There’s lot’s for kids to enjoy, it’s funny, colourful and charges along at a good pace. There’s also plenty for adults, it’s almost like the film has two layers, one for kids and a deeper storyline for the adults. The memories that the emotions make are in danger of being lost so Joy and Sadness set off to save them. It has parts where it’s laugh out loud funny, just what you expect from Pixar.
As an adult watching the film it resonates with your own emotions and memories. It reminds you that nothing is set in stone and more and better memories can be made.
There is a fab little montage at the start of the end credits so if you go to see it don’t leave too soon!!

Wednesday – Work and not much else!

Thursday – The yearly trimming of the conifers today. Hubby had done the bottom half yesterday but needed me to stand at the bottom of the ladder to keep it steady and also to check that the top was level.
We popped out in the afternoon to do a top up food shop.

Friday – Work today. Very frustrating day as I can’t get any answers about what they think I’m going to fill my day with when part of my Friday duties get taken over by someone else. I’ll be left with 2 hours of work to do in 7 hours!

project365, gardening, mugs, grandchildren


  • New mugs – a half price bargain
  • filling the hedge trimmer
  • Rainbow on way to cinema,
  • Basil plant still going strong
  • At the farm – I bloody loves him I do!!

Saturday – Although the weather forecast still said cloudy with the odd shower we decided we’d take Ashley to Greenmeadow Community Farm.
We had a lovely few hours there feeding the chickens, ducks, goats and sheep. Ashley insisted on being carried through the Animal Shed where the pigs, goats, ponies, sheep and cows were. He must have remembered the goats jumping up when we visited last year. He was still sure they were going to bite him!
His favourite part is the Dragon that spits water!

project365, grandchildren, greenmeadow farm, Above:

  • All boys love tractors – right?
  • Not sure about the guinea pig, he did eventually smooth it!
  • waiting for the Dragon!
  • The Dragon in full flow
  • Feeding the chickens. 

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  1. Kim Carberry

    Lovely photos! Looks like you have been having loads of fun x

  2. chantelle hazelden

    looks like you’ve been busy!! love the dragon photo!!!

  3. Ruth (geekmummy)

    I can’t wait to see Inside Out! And I love the water-spitting dragon, looks like a fun day out 🙂

  4. chickenruby

    hubby and i want to see Inside out. how much longer now for your son to get his visa, is he still in NZ?

    1. chickenruby

      oops sorry meant Aus

      1. Soosie (Post author)

        He’s still waiting!! His employer qualified him for sponsored job which is ‘supposed’ to be quicker..
        Wish they’d get a wiggle on! Genuine immigrant to Auz and treated worse than than the illegals here. Doesn’t make sense. 🙁

        1. Elaine Livingstone

          illegals here have human rights, genuine people in other countries dont!

  5. Elaine Livingstone

    what a great day out at the zoo by the look of it, that dragon is brilliant.
    Hate not having enough to do at work, though in my job that is never an issue, more like 2 hrs to do 7 hrs work.
    No wonder he needed you at the bottom of the ladder, that looks like some height of a hedge

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      The hedge is planted in the retaining wall. (the houses behind are up the hill)
      The retaining wall is 3ft high and the conifers are now about 8-10 ft. At least the neighbours can’t see into our garden. The only see about 6 ft so same height as a fence.

  6. Erica Price

    The film sounds good – we haven’t got around to it yet. Hope they sort something out for the job.


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