Week 3 #Project365 – 2014

The week started with a trip to the local garage to drop off the car which needed a repair. It was still letting in water and one of the rear wheels was squeaking. The handbrake pad had stuck on on one side. They also resealed the door trims so hopefully we won’t get anymore water coming in.

The rest of the week was uneventful – just a few short walks taken between the showers!

On Friday we had Ashley for a short time. He’s goes to nursery now every afternoon, he looks very smart in his uniform. He’s the youngest in the class and looks so tiny compared to some of the others.
We had him again on Saturday, he arrived with a new hat that his daddy bought – Sonic the hedgehog. No outdoor play today though as is was raining, so we took him to Funky Monkeys – an indoor play area within our big Tesco complex. He loved it, there’s lots to clamber over, slides, cars and wall puzzles. It was very busy but at least they restrict the age and height so there’s not too much pushing and shoving.


Above: Ashley and Gaddy looking out at Funky Monkeys.
A fallen branch – looks like a body!
A long freight train.
A random cat sat at the hedgerow.
Ashley looking resplendent in his uniform.
Ashley and his Sonic hat.
A rainbow over the house opposite ours.

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  1. brinabird and son

    Cute picture at Funky Monkey.

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    ready for nursery already…they grow up to quick. Never really understood the need for uniform in nursery, they are in uniform long enough when they start school. Love the new hat, and its nice when you can still amuse them without getting them soaked in the park, thank goodness for indoor play areas.

  3. Angela

    love the rainbow shot, so pretty

  4. Jaime Oliver

    What a beautiful rainbow honey xxx

  5. jennypaulin

    ah i remember playing Sonic the Hedgehog with my brother when I was a teenager! soft play centres are such a welcome retreat when it is a wet day and you want the kids to burn off some steam (and energy!). I have seen a few rainbow shots this week – seeing one always makes me smile x

  6. TheBoyandMe

    He’s growing up so quickly, must be a real joy to look after.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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