Week 29 #Project365 – 2014

It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster week for me.  (If you want the happier part start at Wednesday!)

The start of the week was spent reviewing our finances now that Hubby’s JSA has ended.  Making a decision whether to take his personal pension when he hits 60 next year or to leave it in to accrue for a few more years.  Working out how long our savings will last if neither of us get a job soon. We’ll actually do ok for a good while but I’d prefer not to use the savings we worked so hard to get.
There’s also the realisation that we’re not likely to have another ‘posh’ holiday – that makes me really miserable!

I’ve  been missing my son in Australia.  I really should stop watching programmes showing Australia! They remind me of just how far away he is.

Wednesday – No Orange Wednesday again so we decided to curl up on the sofa with drinks and sweeties to watch Warhorse.

Thursday – Needed a cheer up – Hubby suggested a day out so we headed for Blaenavon to take a look at the Iron Works and the Rhumney Brewery visitor centre.  The Iron Works are very interesting and there are also Ironworkers cottages to take a look at. A good area to spend an hour or two. I’ve always been interested in local history and enjoy seeing Cordell Country.
We also popped along to the Rhumney Brewery. You can see beers being made and you also get to taste some.
On the way back down the valley we stopped off in Cwmbran for a late lunch and ended up in Tiffins – an all you can eat buffet Indian. It’s usually very good but today it was mediocre at best. I can make a better curry than the ones on offer today!

Just after we got home we had a visit from OS and Ashley.  Ash has settled down so much in the past few weeks, he’s much calmer and doesn’t run about all the time. We sat in the garden while he played on his bike.

Friday – woke up with an almighty migraine. I’m so glad my medication works reasonably quickly.  I didn’t feel up to going food shopping so just made a list – argh – so much store cupboard supplies running low.  That’s what you get for not going to a proper supermarket for 4 weeks. Aldi just can’t cut it for a full shop – plus the place depresses me and I’m already falling off the sane wagon!!
We had a daytime visit from a small hedgehog.  We gave it a little bit of cat food and it eventually went on it’s way. Hubby stayed in the garden to make sure Molly Cat didn’t bother it.

Saturday – food shopping today – a proper full shop in Asda.

blaenavon ironworks, rhymney brewery, hedgehog


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  1. 76 sunflowers

    I keep meaning to check out Aldi for a weekly shop but fear it will frustrate me. Bounce between Asda and Sainsburys for a mix of cheapness and better choice and quality. The weekly shop always gets me down no matter how hard we try to budget. Am glad you got a day out to relax and hope it all sorts out for you x

  2. over40andamumtoone

    Is Warhorse good? Keep meaning to catch that. Love the hedgehog visitor #365

    1. Sue

      It’s a great film but one to have a box of tissues at hand for! It will make you blub!

  3. familyfever

    Glad the week slowly improved. How lovely to have a little hedgehog visitor! #365

  4. spicers1976

    I love the hedgehog

  5. Karen (@wouldliketobe)

    Oh dear it does sound like a mixed week. Feel for you with your son being in Australia but glad your week got better x

  6. Elaine Livingstone

    oh dear about the JSA, its really annoying you pay in all your days and get 26 weeks back and then are expected to use your savings cos you have some – others play the system and get money for 30 or 40 years and it really irritates me. OH only got 26 weeks and they make you jump through hoops for it and treat you like a second class citizen. *climb down off me soap box*
    Australia is far away no matter how you try and dress it up, and by no means cheap to get to, maybe your son will be able to afford to come back for a holiday.
    Nice to hear Ashley has calmed down a bit, grandchildren ARE hard work, we are not as young as we were.
    Chin up hun!!

    1. Sue

      I think we’d make a good team on the soapbox 🙂

  7. Jaime Oliver

    sorry your feeling down my lovely i am sending big hugs!

    re Aldi i am so pleased you said that we have the same problem if we shop there too! x


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