Week 23 #Project365 – 2014

Sunday – A visit to Cefn Onn Park in Cardiff. We’ve not been here for years – not since our boys were young – so over 20 years! It’s lovely this time of year as the park has a huge collection of Rhododendrons of all colours! We had planned on taking a picnic but Hubby thought we could have lunch out.
After our walk around the park we drove to a pub we saw on the way there but we were out of luck, they were busy and couldn’t get us a table for over an hour.  We got back in the car and had a chat and decided to make our way back to Newport and the local Toby.  You can’t beat a good roast with LOTS of veg!

cefn onn park

The many colours of Cefn Onn Park

Monday/Tuesday – just local walks – nothing exciting.

Wednesday – Orange Wednesday this week was ‘A Million ways to Die in the West’. A comedy set in the old west, full of slapstick, crudity, silliness. Lots of belly laughs and good to spot a few famous faces and voices that have cameo parts. Although it was really funny it did leave me thinking it was trying too hard to be ‘Blazing Saddles’.  Mind you I’ve seen Saddles so many times I can recite the script along with the actors!! AND it still makes me cry laughing.

Thursday – A tidy up of the freezer contents as hubby tends to chuck the shopping into any space he can find.

Friday – Ashley came today and as there was an Inset day at nursery we decided on a picnic at the wetlands. We got all packed up and made our way there.  We mentioned on the way there how quiet he was in the car and when we got to the wetlands he was quite unsteady on his feet and kept falling over – very disconcerting – we had a sit down on a bench and gave him a drink but he didn’t want it, nor would he eat anything. Then I heard his little tummy rumbling and thought ‘oh, oh, he’s going to hurl’.. I thought it best to get back home.  As soon as we got through the door he vomitted –  poorly boy. We got him washed off and changed and he promptly fell asleep.
We took him back home when he woke up and Daddy said he slept on and off for the rest of the day.

Saturday – waiting for the ‘terrible’ weather to hit us. The media have been reporting storms, floods and hail (quick call Noah!!) but we seem to have escaped it. I’m sat here with the sun streaming through the window and Hubby is sunning himself in the garden!

orange wednesday, gardens,

From top: 

  • Poorly boy. 🙁
  • Big daisy at side of the road.
  • Orange Wednesday
  • Molly – refusing to come in – she’s afraid of the new door – hasn’t been inside the house for 6 days now. 
  • Rain drops on one of my conifers. 
  • Fox gloves – not mine sadly – these are in a local garden. 

Hope you’ve had a good week.
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  1. spicers1976

    The weather here was also so different to what we expected it to be

  2. familyfever

    Hope the little one is feeling better. We have had all the hailstorms and thunder here! #365

  3. 76 sunflowers

    We made no plans today. The weather was meant to be rubbish then it turned out really nice by which time I couldn’t be bothered! Hope the boy is better now. Love the colours on the trees in the park 🙂

  4. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Hope the wee boy is feeling better x Love the rain drops on the conifer x

  5. jennypaulin

    Aaaaah Blazing Saddles – me and my brother used to love watching that film especially the eating of the baked beans around the camp fire part!!
    poor little Ashley – it is lucky you saw the signs and made it home in time. xx

  6. Jaime Oliver

    we love Toby too! .. i do hope your poorly one is now fully well again?

  7. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    The gardens looked beautiful, shame about the rain, not sure how we escaped it all.

  8. Erica Price

    Poor Ashley. Hope he’s better now. Can’t believe you escaped all that water yesterday. Was horrific here when I got up, but got better from there.

  9. Elaine Livingstone

    oh dear, poor Ashley, hope its not come to anything too serious. Lol at daft Molly not liking the new door, rather strange I have to say. The raindrops on the conifers is my fav this week.


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