Week 19 and 20 Two week catch up again

Week 19 and 20 Two week catch up again

Ok, so here I am catching up again for Week 19 and 20. Not much has gone on and hardly any photos taken. Usual cinema trips and a birthday day out.

Highlights of Week 19

Sunday 7th – We went to Caldicot Castle for the Military Display day. I included some photos of the day on the last update. Besides doing the homework of 1 photo every 5 minutes for an hour, I was also completing #1day12pics!

Wednesday – Cinema trip for the Unlimited showing of King Arthur. It’s Guy Ritchie’s take on the story. Apparently it’s been 5 years in the making…pity they didn’t take another 5 years to make a decent film. Charlie Hunnam plays Arthur and is bought up in a whore house…yeah … His accent flits from Narf Landen (North London) to Cockney via Welsh, Scottish and Irish.
It’s filmed in a sort of monochrome of blue and brown. I suppose it’s to provide atmosphere.
The film fails on all counts.

Highlights of Week 20

I decided to hang up my camera for a week and just look around for a change rather than be on the constant look out for photo opportunities.

Sunday 14th – A long day in work. Some of the accounting went wrong and couldn’t be corrected. There’s no one available in Finance on the weekend so had to leave the problem with my Team Leader to sort out.

Monday – My birthday. The plan was to go out for the day and have lunch somewhere. It pissed down with rain for much of the day. So we ended up watching a few episodes of The Walking Dead (re-watching as we’re getting withdrawal symptoms!) and a couple of films.
A nice lazy day.

Tuesday – Weather wasn’t much better so a trip out for a walk was off the cards. We decided to go to a local Italian restaurant that opened yesterday. Lovely rustic interior, fabulous service and the best Italian food we’ve ever had.
Now I can make a mean Carbonara but hubby admitted theirs was better. I had the Arrabiata and I honestly could have licked the bowl clean! The garlic bread came like a small pizza, thin and oozing with garlic butter – it was epic!
Washed down with a Peroni, finshed off with coffee and a shot of Limoncello.
Somewhere that I think may become a regular haunt.

Wednesday – back in work and still no answer to the accounting issue. Honestly it defies belief that a huge company is so blazé and doesn’t seem to be in any rush to get things sorted out!
This week’s cinema trip was to see Alien Covenant. I’m not a great fan of the Alien films but there wasn’t much else that we both wanted to see so I relented!
Much like the other films it’s about alien life that invades bodies, rips itself out and generally runs havoc.
It’s set nearly 100 years in the future and Covenant is on its way to colonise another world. On the way something goes wrong and they are woken up by the AI and whilst doing repairs they pick up a signal on a nearby planet. They head for it and it all goes to shit. Another film that you shouldn’t rush to see – unless you like the Alien films. Oh and why is there someone smoking? Surely they would have banned that.. and …they drink some alcohol out of plastic vending machine cups??? 100 years into the future?? (the fact that they are travelling across the universe isn’t lost on me)

week 19, #1day12pics, soosie wales

Week 19 – #1day12pics

Above top to bottom – Homework time, start of the day, one troika vase, afternoon treat, Pointsettia still going strong, garden flowers, more garden flowers, pub bench, hubby, Old soldier demonstrating his rifle, Another troika vase, Camellia.


Second week of Creativity. Seeing, not just looking.
As Emma says
How often have you gone out with a camera and come back with nothing. No inspiration, no photos to take? Again, your brain is taking the easy route. If you are looking without seeing, you will probably never find inspiration. You need to jolt your brain out of habit and force yourself to actively see what’s in front of you, not just passively glance around.

One of the exercises was to leave your camera home, go for a walk and look for photos to take. Then go out again on the same route with your camera and take the shots you thought of.
This was the inspiration for me to leave my camera alone for a week.
Part 2 homework is to basically pick a spot and take 20 shots by just moving a little bit. I’ve completed this and will share with you next week.

Week 3 Creavity is Nothing is Original.
“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” – Ansel Adams

So YOU make the photo. Even if the view or subject has been photographed before no-one will have taken it like you do.
This weeks homework is to think of what makes us unique and how to blend that into your photos. It’s your point of view, composition, etc that makes it unique.
I’ve started this homework and will share next week.

I’ll be sharing a few on Instagram

That’s all for now.





  1. chickenruby

    shame the weather spoilt your birthday plans, sounds like you enjoyed your dinner out. what is your secret to keeping the poinsettia alive? mine never lasts past the 12 days of christmas

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    If the money was over you could have just taken it home……
    I won tickets to see a preview screening of King Arthur, hoped DD2 could have gone but she was on holiday.
    Oh a troika vase, have seen them on Antiques roadshow.


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