Walk to Work Day 3 BEDM

Walk to Work Day 3 BEDM

Day 3 prompt for Blog Everyday in May #BEDM is Walk to Work.  It’s National Walk To Work month.

Walk to work? Are you joking! Years ago I did, it was about a mile and I had no other option. I used to walk a lot back then, the 3 miles to town pushing a buggy was easier than struggling onto a bus.

Then we moved and until I learned to drive I had to walk the mile or so to take sons to school or play group.

Then we moved again, to village where a car is more or less essential. I used to work 26 miles away across the Second Severn Crossing in Bristol. So no chance to walk there!

Now I work in a supermarket office. I start at 6am so do you think I’d walk the 4 miles to work? No, not in a million years!

I do like walking however, usually around the local area or I pop out in the car then go off camera in hand. One of our favourite walks is along the local canal network.

 walk to work


Are you taking part in #BEDM?

What are your views / opinions on the subject for today?  I’d love to hear from you, pop a comment below.
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  1. Sharon

    I don’t think i would walk four miles either.My ten minutes is enough to wake me up in the mornings.:)

  2. Nikki

    I dont think I would be walking anyway at 6am in the morning either! 🙂


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