Thrifty Thursday Supermarket Deals 11th June2015

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My pick of the best Thrifty Thursday Supermarket Deals for this week:


Aldi – Thursday / Sunday deals every week 

Lots of ‘Dad’ themed bargains today. Slippers, smellies, socks, watches.

Sunday Bargains this week include holiday themed products, Towels, travel games, luggage, holdalls, wireless speakers, mossie spray, travel wipes and Batiste dry shampoo.


With the warm weather finally here there are bargains on ice-lollies.
Magnum Pink or Black are 2 for £4
Del Monte smoothie lollies, Funny feet, Fab, Calippo, Oreo Cones, Mini Milk, and others 2 for £3

Lidl – Weekend halfprice deals 

These American Themed deals are available on Saturday and Sunday.

Pulled Beef in Bourbon BBQ sauce – £1.42
Peanut Butter 454g jar – 59p
Jelly Beans 250g bag – 49p
Cherry Plum Tomatoes 250g – 37p


Bargains on some basics:

PG Tips 240s – £3.50
Bertolli Spread 500g  2 for £2
Ben and Jerrys  500ml Half price!! £2.24


2 for 1’s
Andrex washlets – £1.85
Harpic white and shine – £2
Dettol all in 1 cleaner Green apple – £2.60

Don’t forget to check the deals for your Waitrose card too!

Have you seen any good bargains? Feel free to add them into the comments.



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