Thrifty Thursday Savvy Shopping Part 3

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Welcome to another round of Savvy Shopping

For the past two weeks I’ve been sharing my ideas for Savvy Shopping. If you’ve missed them you can catch up here and here.

This week I’m bringing you the last of my ideas to help you become a Savvy Shopper.

Down Shifting

We all like to buy the best quality food but Down Shifting doesn’t always mean sacrificing quality. Many of the own label foods are made by ‘brands’ anyway. If you’re not happy with the product many supermarkets will allow you to make a complaint if you take the wrapper and receipt back to the store. For example Asda has a ‘Try Me, Love Me’ policy on all their produce.
My favourite ‘down shift’ is Lidl’s version of Weetabix which is actually better!

Use cashback sites

Some cashback sites have lists of items you can buy and then upload a picture of your receipt to get money back. You’ll find these on Top Cashback – Snap and Save and on Quidco – ClickSnap.
For example this week Top Cashback has offers which include 20p off Kingsmill Medium sliced loaf which would make it 55p if bought from Aldi or Asda (currently 75p loaf)!
My advice is to check which offers they have and where the you have to purchase the item. If its at multiple supermarkets use My Supermarket to check for any special offers to boost the saving even more. Don’t forget that some of the offers can be used multiple times too!!

The best offer I took advantage of was for Millicano coffee via Quidco. They were offering £1 off a tin and it was on half price offer in Tesco the same week and the offer allowed you to use it up to 3 times.

soosie wales, savvy shopping, part 3

Don’t dump food into the fridge

Some fresh food can be frozen. If you’re not planning on bulk cooking, split it into smaller portions and freeze it.  You can also do this with baked goods too.

And lastly 

Food Websites

Use foodie websites like BBC Food and AllRecipes UK to search for ideas to use up food nearing its Use By date. You never know you may come across recipes that will be become family favourites!
Don’t forget to check out my Recipes!
There are also other blogs to check out for inspiration. There are many foodies out there! I’ve added a few to my blog roll so take a look over there on the right (Or down at the bottom on mobile devices!)

If you’re a foodie and love saving money drop a comment on here and I’ll add you to my blog roll (and perhaps you could do the same 🙂 )

I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading my tips. I’d love to hear from you so please feel free to leave some words below!

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  1. linda hobbis

    Great tips – I think the main thing is to be organised and think about what you’re buying and spending. Needs a bit of discipline – which is often sadly lacking in this house!

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      I used to be disorganised when I was working full time but now the income has dropped I have had to become better organised.

  2. chickenruby

    As hubby works in the food industry we always buy the own brands as he says most foods are just packaged according to where they are being sold. i also bulk buy, prepare and freeze a lot of foods

  3. fashion-mommy

    Some great tips, I always use quidco whenever I buy anything on line – some great bargains to be had.


    1. Soosie (Post author)

      I aways check the money back and voucher code sites and get quite disappointed if there isn’t anything for what I want to buy!
      Thanks for popping by. Su

  4. Cathy Glynn

    Such great ideas, I also buy meat in larger quantities from my butchers and split these in to meal size packs and freeze, it’s surprising what you can save and also less waste. Great tips x

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      One of our local butchers was trying to persuade me to by a whole lamb last week… I’m all for bulk buying but it’d take me and hubby years to eat it!!

  5. Alice In A Looking Glass

    There’s some fab tips here, I like to downshift with certain products when I feel they taste exactly the same and I use BBC Food for recipes a lot too. x


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