Thrifty Thursday Savvy Shopping part 2

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 Thrifty Thursday Savvy Shopping part 2

This week I would like to give you more Savvy Shopping tips and ideas to make your money go further.  If you’ve not caught up with Part 1 just click here

Use a smaller trolley

How many times have you been shopping and after putting everything you think you need into the trolley have then looked at it and thought ‘oh, there’s not much in there’ and then gone up and down the aisles looking for more to fill it up?


NEVER choose the biggest trolley, go for the smaller one. When you start your shop it will look fuller and it may stop you popping all those impluse items in!

Go shopping later in the day

Supermarkets often reduce stock nearing its sell by date. They generally do this in the morning and if it’s still not sold they will reduce it again later in the day. You can sometimes pick up good bargains this way, all the food will still be fresh enough to be used and products such as meat and fish can be frozen. Just remember that if it can’t be frozen and you won’t be using it within the USE BY date then leave it alone!
Many supermarkets don’t close until 10 or 11pm nowadays so they have plenty of hours in the day for the reduced food to be sold so sometimes the bargains aren’t so readily available. However another good time to get ‘the bargains’ is on Sunday. Supermarkets still have limited opening hours on Sundays and most close around 4pm so popping in around 3:30pm to scour the fridges and shelves for reduced stock can be a gold-mine with lots of items going for PENCE!!


I don’t think we’ll ever get to ‘Extreme Couponing’ but here in the UK you can get money off coupons for lots of items. My favourites are the save £xx of a £xx shop type. Savvy use of these along with the latest BOGOFF deals can make your money stretch even further. My personal record was at Waitrose, £6 off a £40 shop and I walked out with over £70 worth of shopping, I bought items I would usually buy and items that will fill my store cupboard that were on offer. I also used my Waitrose card to get a further 10% of some cleaning products and got my free coffee, free daily paper and a free Waitrose Magazine!!

Coupons can be found in different ways, Newspapers and magazines, online coupons – that you print off or download a code and if you shop regularly at some supermarkets they will reward you with money off coupons.

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Are you a Savvy Shopper? What gems of advice can you add?

I’d love to hear from you – just pop a comment below.

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