Thrifty Thursday Savvy Shopping 25th June

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My pick of the best Supermarket Deals for this week is taking a rest! This week it’s all about Savvy Shopping.


Here are my tips to help you be a Savvy Shopper :

Cooking from scratch

Obvious one really isn’t it?? You can save lots of money by not using ready prepared foods like sauce jars, ready prepared vegetables and ready meals. Think about it, a spaghetti bolognese ready meal for one costs from £2.50 to £3.50, for two it’ll cost £5 to £7. Making it from scratch using the cheapest / middle /dearest ingredient options:

Spaghetti 500g – 20p / 50p / £1
Beef Mince 500g – £1.99 / £2.85 / £3.48
Onions by Weight (230g) – 18p
Mushrooms by Weight (100g)  – 27p
Passata (500g) – 35p / 50p / £1

The cheapest total comes to £3. Yes £3 and it would be enough to feed four adults! (£4.30 middle prices and just under £6 for the dearest ingredients) If there’s only 2 of you it’s a meal for now and one for the freezer ‘Home made Ready Meals’!

Think about making most of your meals from scratch, casseroles, pasta sauces, burgers, meat balls, curries are all much tastier when you make them yourself AND you know what went into each dish. If you’re looking for inspiration pop over to my Recipes tab.

I’m not saying DON’T use prepared foods – they are handy and I usually have a few sauces in my cupboard for when I’m in a rush! But you can save money when you cook from scratch.

Meal planning

Meal planning will help to keep waste of food down. Use a calendar or diary and work out your meals for the week. Perhaps start with your main meals, check the stock in the freezer and cupboards, then make a list of items to go with what you have.

If you’re not sure what to make, look through your cookbooks, involve the family too! There are also sites on the internet where you can input ingredients you have and it’ll suggest recipes using those ingredients.

It’s better than hitting supermarket and buying what takes your fancy!

Keeping cupboards stocked. 

It makes sense to keep your cupboards stocked with non-perishables.  Make a list of everything you buy regularly, for example tins, packets, pet food, cleaning products, toilet paper, kitchen rolls and check on sites like MySupermarket for offers on products you buy regularly. Just choose one supermarket, search for the item, click on it and it’ll show the prices in all supermarkets. You can make a list of what and where you want to buy when you do your shopping.
Remember to buy more than one if your budget will stretch to it!

AND talking of budgeting…

Some time ago I posted a blog post about Managing money and budgeting . If you find it hard to make ends meet please take a look. I’m not guaranteeing it will work for you but it certainly did for me.


  1. Melissa Williams

    I have to admit I cook more from scratch these days since I bought my slow cooker. It makes cheap cuts of meat so tender. Meal planning is a great tip, it helps to keep costs down

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Oh hello Mel! Thanks for popping by. 🙂


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