Technology woes – Day 11 BEDM

Technology woes

Day 11 prompt for Blog Everyday in May #BEDM is Museums but I’m going to tell you about my Technology Woes instead.

It all started on Sunday afternoon. I was merrily plodding along checking my emails and preparing blog posts when I got a pop up saying Shockwave had crashed. Then the laptop slowly ground to a halt.

I was also having problems accessing my photos.. An even bigger disaster!

I closed my browser and checked Task Manager to see if there was anything eating into the physical memory and see if there were any processes that could be closed down.

What I saw was over 4000 processes running and almost all of them were ‘javaws.exe*32’. A search on Google suggested a virus and nothing to actually do with Java.

I tried running my Anti-virus but it stuck on 0%. I tried running it in Safe Mode still the same.

I tried reinstalling it but it failed leaving me with no protection. good..go back to restore point and retried.. No good!  This went on until midnight! 5 hours wasted.

Monday – up a 6am to try again. No matter what I tried these files took up the memory within minutes.

I eventually uninstalled the BT antivirus and after 3 attempts managed to get AVG installed and running. It found nothing!

I ran malware/spyware programme which only found a few small problems. At 8 PM (yes some 14 hours later) I gave up and hoped that the laptop would be OK the next day.

Tuesday – restarted the laptop and the bliddy files took over again. All that work and heartache for bugger all! I tried Google again and found a forum that said it was a bug in Java. You know what? It was easy to fix, renaming files in Safe Mode and uninstalling Java. That’s all it was! 15 fecking minutes! Not 15 hours!

I also made sure all my photos are now backed up. All on my Dropbox!


Are you taking part in #BEDM?

What are your views / opinions on the subject for today?  I’d love to hear from you, pop a comment below.
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