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Supermarket Pricing – Misleading & Confusing

Supermarket Pricing – Misleading and Confusing In the news today it’s been reported that supermarket pricing is misleading and confusing. Deals are not necessarily the bargains we hoped for. After a 3 month study by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) they have concluded that supermarkets do bend the rules occasionally….
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Thrifty Thursday Supermarket Deals 11th June2015

My pick of the best Thrifty Thursday Supermarket Deals for this week:   Aldi – Thursday / Sunday deals every week  Lots of ‘Dad’ themed bargains today. Slippers, smellies, socks, watches. Sunday Bargains this week include holiday themed products, Towels, travel games, luggage, holdalls, wireless speakers, mossie spray, travel wipes…
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