Week 8 Project366 – 2016

Week 8 Project366 – 2016

My Week 8 Project366 was fairly quiet. A trip to Bridgend Outlet, walks, cinema and some new mugs.

Here’s the highlights.

Monday – Hubby wanted to go to Bridgend Outlet to buy some jeans. Yes I know you can get jeans anywhere but he likes the thrill of getting a Label bargain!! He ended up with 2 pairs at less than half price.
I love looking in the homeware shops, I’d spend a fortune in them but my cupboards are full of crockery I hardly use! I wasn’t going to pass up the chance of getting 2 Royal Worcester bone china mugs with Teddies on them though. Reduced from £8 to £2.40, what a bargain!

Tuesday – Pottering about the house and catching up with emails etc. CInema in the afternoon. This week we went to see Zoolander 2 – mmmm least said the better.. it can’t decide whether it’s a comedy, drama, or mystery. It’s a bliddy shambles. The first one was rather funny but this one should have been left in the reject pile.

The rest of the week was spent working, going for walks and practicing the tasks for A Year with My Camera.

Didn’t see the boys this week due to working time not matching up with son’s day off.

Week 8 Project366 – 2016

Above –

  • Spring flower
  • Latest Tropical Wonderland colouring. 
  • Oh Look, my first Camelia this year – in FEBRUARY!!!
  • Sunshine through the trees. 
  • New mugs!! 

Week 8 Project366 – 2016, Stag,


Can you see the stag? This is just on the roadside locally, the bush makes the body, there’s a bit of wood for his nose and the branches of the tree behind becomes his antlers.

Hope it’s made you smile.. 🙂

soosie wales

You can also see my progress by clicking  A Year with My Camera 
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  1. Elaine Livingstone

    lol at the stag tree…you need a visit to specsavers ( other opticians are available)
    Love your mugs. Great patience for the colouring.
    Shame about not seeing the boys but thats the way it goes some weeks, I am going to have grandchild over load this week, so if you want a share feel free and come north of the border.

  2. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    Wow to the camelia! Love your butterfly #366

  3. Clare aka Emmy's Mummy

    Love those mugs! And the stag is fab, took me a while to see it

  4. 76sunflowers

    Haha! I was looking for A stag!! Love the sunshine through the trees pic. OH suggested Zoolander and I said no – good miss maybe!

  5. Karen

    I can see the stag! Love the cups too!

  6. jenny paulin

    that back and white photo is lovely !
    great bargain with those teddy bear mugs – it is hard to resist bargains!!!
    thanks for the heads up about Zealander 2 aswell x


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