Week 7 – 2017 Trying my patience

Week 7 – 2017 Trying my patience

Week 7 was pretty up and down. Cinema visit, babysitting, work and generally trying to keep busy.

Sunday / Monday – Lazy days pottering about the house.

Tuesday – covering for holiday at work – nice easy day. Glad of that too as son asked me to babysit the boys. Ashley was already in bed when I got there – that boy loves his sleep. Theo was still up and when mummy and daddy left he started crying (You know…that dry crying that gets on your wick!). Oh don’t worry says DIL he’ll only be like that for a couple of minutes. Oh yeah right!!!! Half hour later he was still rattling on. No amount of cwtches would stop him. He eventually threw himself to the floor and stopped about 10 minutes later. After another 20 minutes I decided to carry him up to bed. At the bottom of the stairs I realised I had him on my right hip and wouldn’t be able to grab the banister.. I managed to get him up the stairs and settled. Woo I thought..at last I can relax. Ten minutes later he was crying again and running around the top of the stairs. I bought him down and laid him on the big sofa and he went back to sleep.. Little Monster!!

Wednesday – a restful morning followed by a cinema visit. We saw Lego Batman, it’s really funny and there are lots of characters to spot, including Voldemort and ‘British robots’ (Daleks).

Thursday – usual food shopping and completing AYWMC homework.

Friday / Saturday not much to report.


This week is about metering and getting to grips with histograms.
Also learning about Exposure Compensation.

I was also catching up on the Manual lesson from last week.

week 7, aywmc, soosie wales

The left hand images are a repeat of the black on black and white on white exercise but using Exposure Compensation to compensate for the 18% grey scale.
The right hand images are the ones from week 2 when we learned about grey scale.

week 7, aywmc, manual settings, soosie wales

This is the manual exercise. Inputting the ‘auto’ settings on manual and then changing the settings by 1 and 2 stops.

The manual lesson was difficult but at least this year I understand a bit more. Just need more practice!

That’s all for now.



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  1. Elaine Livingstone

    The sort of crying you just want to give them something to cry for!!! Quite happy to jiggle a baby that is crying, does not bother me, but once they get to an age of just being awkward I cannot be doing with it. At least he did not wake Ashley up.
    DD3 and Bob saw the lego movie and enjoyed it.


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