Week 6 Project366 – 2016

Week 6 Project366 – 2016

Week 6 –  a week off work, another birthday, 2 cinema visits and more camera practice.

Sunday – It was good to get out in the fresh air after being inside all day yesterday. A good walk and some photo practice.

Monday – Hubby’s birthday and we planned to go out but the weather was bad again. Oldest son popped in with Theo to drop off Hubby’s birthday card and some chocolates. Ashley was poorly so he stayed at home with Mummy.
Storm Imogen made her mark by blowing part of the fence down. Only one panel thank goodness but as it popped out of the posts it broke off the bottom foot or so.

Tuesday – A much nicer day, so took Hubby out for lunch. We went to the local Marstons for a carvery then the plan was to go and see Goosebumps but when we got to the cinema the Meerkats site was down so couldn’t get the code. Ah well…back home to veg out on films on the planner.

Wednesday – Meerkat code written down so off we went to the cinema for another try. I’ve never read any of the Goosebumps books so wasn’t sure what to expect. But the film is very good and would appeal to families – scary enough for a few frights but nothing that would give you (or the kids) nightmares. Jack Black puts in a great performance as R.L. Stein, much different to his usual roles.
It’ll be a good one for a half-term rainy day!

Thursday – The two new fencing panels we bought were delivered. One to replace the broken one and one to replace one at the end of the garden that’s been repaired a few times. Hubby gave them both a coat of fence paint so they match the rest. Waiting for them to dry out before we slide them into place.

Friday / Saturday – nothing much, just pottering about. Watching Wales beat Scotland (hopefully!)

Oh yes also found out this week that my DA on MOZ is still at 1 because they don’t index some of the new Top Level Domains – including .Wales… BUM!!  So I’ll have to have a think of what I’m going to do about that! If you have any thoughts pop me a message..:)

week 6, project366Above:

  • A couple of Theo – he wasn’t giving up that dummy!
  • The Procurator’s House from the Church side. The other side has been fenced off because youths keep climbing on it.. No respect for local history!  
  • This week’s ‘A Year with my Camera’ is Black and White. 
  • Commenting and looking up camera settings. 
  • One panel down – thanks Storm Imogen! 
    week 6, project366

A Year with my Camera – I decided my ‘collection’ will be Trees. I chose trees as they’ll change with the seasons and give me some scope for colours and shapes.

Hope you’ve had a good week 6.

soosie wales
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  1. chickenruby

    I can never find the time to get to the cinema, probably because i don’t make it a priority

  2. jenny paulin

    i love trees and you have taken some great photos of some.
    Goosebumps does sound fun, might be one for the boys at some point.
    Some about your fence panels – i only noticed at the weekend that our fence must have had battering last week. it is still standing, but only just! x

  3. Elaine Livingstone

    Happy belated birthday hubby. Shame you did not get out but I refused to take Bob to gymnastics that week cos of the bad weather. Hope Ashley is feeling better.
    Are goosebump books not aimed at children? If so then the films should be fine.

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      I know of the books but have never read them.


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