Week 6 – 2017 Busy doing nothing

Week 6 – 2017 Busy doing nothing

Week 6 means Hubby’s birthday, a week off work, lunches out and generally lazing around!

On Sunday I went back to work after my sickness. I had to spend some time drying out 4 packs of £5 notes after spilling my tea over the desk!

Tuesday we decided to go to Newport for a wander about. Hubby bought yet another pair of trainers! White ones this time as his old ones are looking rather worn.
We stopped off at Pizza Express for lunch. The intention was to use an O2 code for a £5 main for him and use my CIneworld discount for me but they wouldn’t let us use both. Not worth arguing about…(I’m getting soft in my old age!) A woman on a table near us offered us a BOGOF voucher that she didn’t need so we were up on the deal in the end!!

Wednesday to Friday just pottered about not doing much. No cinema again as there’s nothing we both wanted to see. More new films next week so hopefully full cinema service will be resumed!

On Saturday we had another lunch out..with our friends this time to a local pub. No menu online so not sure what to expect as none of us had been there for years.
The menu was mainly rolls/wraps with a twist. I had roast lamb in a yorkshire pudding wrap, roast potatoes and minty gravy for dipping. It was lush!!


This week is ‘go manual’. Sounds pretty scary but as long as you follow step by step you’ll get through it!
I’ve not done all the homework yet, but did have a bash at photographing the moon on Saturday evening. In the back garden, using my mini tripod. I must have looked a right sight in my PJs and dressing gown, bent double trying to get the moon on the LCD screen, trying different settings and also trying not to move too much else setting off the PIR on the outside lights!
What I ended up with wasn’t too bad considering. Next time I’ll get the bench moved so I have something higher to set up the camera.

I haven’t taken many pictures this week and we haven’t seen the boys, so only have 3 to share.

week 6, 2017, soosie wales

  • Peroni – the beer of choice for a Pizza!
  • Spider web on the gate
  • A reasonable attempt at the moon. Taken on full manual!! 

See you next week



Project 365, week6


  1. Erica Price

    I do find these offers a bit frustrating sometimes – you’d have thought as you were buying 2 separate tickets it would have been ok. Sounds like a nice week.

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    Yes the neighbours must wonder about me as well sometimes.
    Nice water droplets.
    I did not manage the homework as my camera is playing up and going to get changed for another one next week so I will try again with it.


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