Week 52 Project365 – 2015

Week 52 Project365 – 2015

So here we are – Week 52 Project365 – 2015 – another year completed! That’s 4 years done and I’ll be carrying on in 2016.
This last post of the year celebrates Christmas.

Sunday 20th – Working, then catching up with emails etc

Monday 21st  – We planned on going to Cardiff to take a closer look at the cameras I have shortlisted but it rained so we didn’t bother. I’ll take a look in the New Year. No Rush!

Tuesday 22nd – Popped into Newport for some last minute items and see if anything took my fancy for a Christmas pressie..Hubby was quite concerned that all I’ll be having off him is an adult colouring book!

Wednesday 23rd – Managed to finish work by 12:30 and then did the fruit and vegetable shopping. The store was really busy. One of our staff dressed up as Santa, the children in the store loved it!

After I got home and had lunch we went to the cinema to see Snoopy and Charlie Brown-The Peanuts Movie. It was such a lot of fun, very funny. If your child would sit still long enough it’s a good one for a rainy day!

Thursday – Christmas Eve  – Spent the morning making mince pies, stuffing and prepping for Christmas day. Son came to pick up Ashley’s bike then it was down to our friends house for tea and a drink or 3!

Christmas day – Skype session with Son and DIL in Australia. They had a great day with her sister, Nan, cousin and his GF Good Aussie BBQ!
Other Son and DIL arrived around 12 and there was great excitement opening presents. Ashley liked his garage but the play tent we bought was missing it’s poles!
I know it may sound ungrateful but my MIL bought them a tin of Foxes biscuits. They are her only great grandsons too!  Meanie…

Boxing Day – Relaxing morning watching a few films and programmes on the planner. Visited MIL in the afternoon.

Sunday 27th – Didn’t do much before or after work.. watching tv, colouring, eating and drinking. #AsYouDo

Monday 28th – Lazed about and got laptop out for the first time since Christmas morning! Oh popped out to exchange the play tent. Trespass were great, no issue, no problem, just a rummage in the stock room to find a replacement and we were on our way.

Tuesday 29th – Son, DIL and boys popped in to pick up the play tent and collect Ashley’s birthday presents. We let him unwrap one because I wanted to see his face when he opened it. A big cushion with a picture of cats on it, he thought it was great!
In the afternoon we went to see In the Heart of the Sea. The film is basically a fictional story being retold to Herman Melville who used the story for Moby DIck. Plenty of action and derring do! However for a Ron Howard film is does fall short of being a film that you ‘experience’.

Wednesday 30th – Ashley is 5 today! Yep 5… hasn’t that time gone quickly!  Didn’t see him today though as I was working.

Thursday 31st – Here we are at the end of 2015. Catching up with last of the competitions on my list as I’m giving up comping in the New Year to concentrate more on blogging.

Lots of pictures for you!

Week 52 Project365 Christmas

Christmas Day –

  • Lunch for 2 this year! 
  • Sillyness with photo-props
  • My Christmas pressies off oldest son, DIL and boys. 
  • Theo having a pose for the camera. 
  • Merry Christmas – Hope you had a good one! Week 52 Project365, This year/last year Christmas Day
  • This year and last year!  It took 5 attempts to get this years! Theo wouldn’t stay still long enough! Week 52 Project365, Ashley 5 years old
  • Just look how this boy has grown!! Gawd I love this boy! (and his brother of course)

That’s it for another year. I may do a round up post over the next few days. So keep an eye out for it!

See you all in 2016.

Happy New Year


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  1. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    Some lovely smiles – I hope he enjoyed his birthday. Looks like you all had a good Christmas. Happy New Year #365

  2. Kim Carberry

    Such a lovely end to the year!
    Happy new year! Wishing you all the best for 2016 x

  3. jenny paulin

    goodness Theo looks so much like Ashley now! both growing up so quickly. lovely photos of you and your family. sounds like you had a wonderful time and thank you for the heads up regarding the snoopy movie!
    wishing you a happy new year xx

  4. jenny paulin

    oh Soosie LOL i just realised that i was comparing a photo of Ashley from 2012 with him now and not Theo at all. – no wonder they look alike ha ha! x

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Lol… Wondered why I had 2 notifications from you on the same post.. 🙂

  5. Erica Price

    Lovely pictures of the family – looks like you had a great Christmas. Well done on finishing the year of 365.

  6. Emma T

    Some fab smiles. I love the photo props. N would love those too. It seems there’s been lots of 5 year old birthdays over the last couple of weeks. N’s is later in Jan.

    All the best for 2016.

  7. chickenruby

    Skype is a wonderful thing, we were able to Skype from the restaurant on christmas day back to the family

  8. Elaine Livingstone

    How lovely to see the son in Australia as well, and glad he had a good time.
    Shame about the play tent but glad you got it sorted.
    my ex mil never bought my kids ( her only grandkids) anything for Christmas, she never liked me and therfore would have nothing to do with the kids.
    wee monkey not wanting to sit still but nice photo all the same.
    Glad you are carrying on into year 5 with me but shocked you are giving up comping. though I have to admit when I am doing one or the other I feel guilty that I am not doing the other – have thought about stopping blogging to comp more to be honest.


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