Week 5 Project366 – 2016

Week 5 Project366 – 2016

Week 5 Project366 was quite eventful. New bits and bobs for the camera, new pens, a kitchen mishap and a birthday.

Sunday – I ordered a wrist strap, Hot Shoe cover and some fineliner pens yesterday and they all came today! The wonders of Amazon Prime!
My camera came with a neck strap but I feel like I have my camera on display when I’m out on my own. I feel safer when I can slip my hand through a strap and keep the camera reasonably hidden with sleeves or a pocket. The camera didn’t have a Hot Shoe cover and I felt one was needed to keep the contacts clean.
The fineliner pens are going to be used for colouring, my new obsession.

Monday – I decided to make a Lasagne for tea. When I assembled it I realised I didn’t have enough lasagne sheets to fill my 6 portion dish, so I kept 2 portions of the bolognese sauce for another time and made up 4 portions in my smaller dish.
It was full to the brim so I placed the dish on an oven tray just in case it boiled over. This is what happened when it was ready to come out of the oven!
I pulled the oven shelf out a little way, picked up the dish and the oven tray slid out and fell to the floor. I tried to side step it to put the HOT dish down, caught my sweater on the handle of the drawer in the island which threw me forward. I ended up stepping on the HOT tray and dropping the dish and it smashing it to smithereens. Tea was ruined! Pyrex shards and lasagne all over floor, A few hot fingers and burnt foot!
We cleaned up and I soaked my foot – glad it was only a minor burn on the ball of my foot! We ended up having the bolognese for tea!

Tuesday – Oldest son’s birthday so popped down to see him and the boys. I forgot to pick up my bag so no photos again!!

Wednesday – This week’s cinema trip to see Ride Along 2 – A comedy with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. The story is about a detective (Cube) and a rookie cop (Hart) who have to go to Miami to investigate a case. It’s all a bit silly but still really funny,

Thursday – The rest of my camera bits came today. A UV filter and new lens cap, i wanted one that attaches to the camera as I’m sure to misplace the loose one!
Picked up my new glasses today, even though my prescription has hardly changed the new ones make every thing very clear and crisp!

Saturday – Hubby working extra hours so the plan was to go out and get this weeks ‘A year with my Camera‘ tasks done. But it’s pouring down!! (The link goes to my blog page where I’m linking specific posts for that project)

  • I’ve also been taking some more photos to practise Aperture and Shutter priority. The information is starting to stay in my brain!
    Week 5, Project366Some of the colouring – starting to get the hang of shading. 
  • Hubby’s spinning bike wheel – yes it’s in the bedroom – it’s too cold to put the bike trainer in the garage – he says!!
  • Rain stops playing with the camera outdoors!
  • New pens and Peak Design Cuff wrist strap. 

What’s your week been like?

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  1. 76sunflowers

    Love the monster pack of fineliners! I have a smaller pack and love them. I’m doing the camera project too and I must keep practising the past week’s tasks to, like you said, get it to stick in my brain! Love the spinning bike wheel – long shutter speed but lower number on the settings yes?! Sorry to hear about your lasagne disaster and hope your foot is ok – I’d be distraught at a ruined lasagne – it’s my favourite dish!

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      The spinning wheel was at 1/3s on F/7

  2. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    Oh blimey, not good about the lasagne nightmare, hope you aren’t too sore. Love your colouring and that wrist strap looks like a great idea #366

  3. Erica Price

    The kitchen incident sounds like a nightmare – hope it heals up quick. I like your ideas for the camera. It’s a pity camera manufacturers don’t provide these as standard though.

  4. Jenny Paulin

    oh no about your lasagna disaster! I have dropped a few things on the floor out of the oven – it is sooooo infuriating. The camera wrist strap is a good idea . It is always good to see a funny film that you can just sit back and enjoy x

  5. Elaine Livingstone

    I am with you, I much prefer my camera on my wrist.
    Oh good grief at the lasagne disaster, glad you were not to badly burnt.
    The colouring in is great, I do not have the patience.

  6. chickenruby

    I’ve not got round to opening the colouring book my mum bought me, too much time on social media. Oops re the lasagne, glad your foot wasn’t too badly burnt and lucky you’d saved some of the sauce so dinner wasn’t a complete wash out


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