Week 49 Project365 – 2015

Week 49 Project365 – 2015

So at Week 49 Project365 we’re into December and the madness that is Christmas and Advent! My decorations won’t be going up for at least another 2 weeks. I’m becoming inundated with doing Advent Competitions, it’s madness!

This was my week.

Sunday – working and son was supposed to be coming but Theo was poorly.

Monday – Finished Blog Every Day in November. It was tough going at times and I did miss one weekend but chuffed that I saw it through to the end.

Tuesday – Up bright and early to start Advent comps! Yes I am MAD!! There were quite a few I decided not to do although I’m left with way too many to do!! I had better win something!!
Afternoon cinema visit to watch Bridge of Spies. Directed by Spielberg and has Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance in the main roles. It’s set in the early 60’s when the East and West was in the Cold War. The Americans had a Russian spy and the Russians had an American spy and the story is basically what Tom Hanks does as negotiator to swap the spies.
It has some rave reviews and although it is very good there are parts that become very slow and needed to get a bit of a wiggle to to keep you interested and listening. (I actually become very heavy eyed at one point!)

Wednesday – Work – not much else other than an update on Theo – he has a rash that DIL thought could be chicken pox but the doctor assures her that it’s just a non-specfic rash and will clear in a few days. So we’ll be seeing them both on Sunday on son’s day off! Woo..

Thursday – Food shopping – Still only buying fresh food and a few odds and ends, we struggled to hit the £30 at Waitrose to get our £6 off!! We just about made it at £31!

Friday – Day off – A quick hospital appointment for Hubby and afterwards we popped to Newport City centre for a bit of Christmas shopping.

Saturday – Working today and plans now for a curry this evening and a bottle of beer or two!

Week 49 Project365

Above –

  • The ‘Bauble’ trees at Friars walk. Really spectacular!
  • The basil plant is still going – remember this from 6 months ago!! 
  • Raindrops on my conifer
  • Berries – not sure what the plant is called..

Hope you had a good week. Got your decorations up yet or are you a bah humbug like me 😉 ?

soosie wales


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  1. chickenruby

    what a fab tree, i really dont know how you have the patience to fill in all the competition entries

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    oh dear at poor Theo, hope the rash did not become any more serious.
    Hope you have not got bogged down to much with the advents, it s impossible to keep up with them all.
    Love your bauble tree


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