Week 45 Project366 – 2016

Week 45 Project366 – 2016

Again there’s nothing much to say about Week 45 Project366. A visit from the grandsons, cinema and soup making.

The week started well with a visit from oldest son, DIL and the boys. Due to us all having flu over the past few weeks we’ve not had a good catch up. Theo is back to his usual self – thank goodness.
Ashley got the playdoh out and made lots of shapes and spaghetti whilst Theo played with cars and the garage.

We went to see A Street Cat named Bob this week. We weren’t expecting much, it was watch this or not go… Well I can tell you that is fab..The story of James Bowen who’s a junkie living on the streets. He’s given the chance to get off drugs and is placed in a grotty flat. That’s when Bob turns up and they become good friends. Giving James the chance to earn more busking allows him to start turning his life around.
A great feel good movie..take a hanky though!

When we did the shopping I picked up a medium sized pumpkin for 10p. What a bargain! I made some Thai pumpkin soup. Eight portions for well under £1! Instead of the chillies I added half a jar of red thai paste which made the soup quite spicy and tasty.

That’s about it for the week other than work and a couple of walks.

Week 45 Project366


    • Lots of autumn leaves.
    • Theo engrossed by Peppa Pig
    • A tractor – on the driveway of a local house..how odd!
    • Ashley making spaghetti.
    • Autumn colours in the churchyard. 

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  1. jenny paulin

    love the sound of thew soup, and even more so that it was such a frugal meal to make.
    lovely for you to have a good catch up with the grand kids after not being able to see them much recently. Glad that the film turned out to be better than you had imagined xx

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    glad everybody is back to normal, must have been a worrying time. How bizarre at the tractor.


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