Week 44 Project365 – 2015

Week 44 Project365 – 2015

A week of work, poorly hubby, shopping and eating out!

Sunday – Work today and an early start to cover for holiday. BUT when I got in I discovered I was told the wrong date and it’s actually next week!
There was no way I was going back home so I set about doing some of the tasks I usually do and managed to finish by 11:30am. Afternoon off – nice!!

Monday – We were planning on seeing the Grandsons but Hubby hasn’t been well all weekend, a bit of a head cold. We spent the day vegging out watching films.

Tuesday – Planned to go to Bristol or Bath but Hubby still not feeling well enough to walk around for a few hours.

Wednesday – Busy day in work, got lots done without many interruptions by having the office to myself for most of the time!
Hubby felt well enough for a cinema visit. This week we saw Spectre – the new James Bond movie. Very good – not as good as Skyfall but had loads of action as you’d expect! It carries on the back story and opens up things from James’s past. There are some nods to previous Bond films if you listen and watch carefully. Highly recommended!

Thursday – Asked son if he was coming down or if we could go to him but they had plans to go out for the day so no grandsons again!!
We went out for a lovely lunch at the Rock and Fountain. We’ve not been there before but it gets great reviews. It lived up to its reputation, I had homemade roasted tomato soup followed by lamb cutlets which I ended up picking up to get every scrap of meat off the bones!

Friday – Work day. Nothing much else.

Saturday – MIL called early to say she wasn’t feeling well so we had another week of no visiting (happy dance).
We decided to go to Cardiff as I wanted to spend my Taking Shape gift card. I spent it and more on 2 tops and a dark red poncho. Very pleased.. Hubby was impressed with the service we got. Taken care of by Maureen, given coffee and biscuits while I tried on about 6 different outfits.
We then walked around St. Davids, the market and Queens Street, had lunch – great day and now feeling very relaxed.

Here’s the photos for the week.

Week 44 Project365 – 2015


  • Some very noisy birds I saw on my walk. 
  • Biscoff biscuits – Favourite!!
  • Clocks go back so it was light to go to work. 
  • British Legion shop – Cardiff. Buy your Poppies from them and no-one else. Lest we forget. 

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  1. Erica Price

    Oh I’d like to see the new Bond film too. The Taking Shape shop sounds good.

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    never been a James Bond fan, remember being dragged to the pictures to see them with mother when we were younger.
    Oh dear at no grandchildren, and erribly sad ( not) at MIL.
    I would like a poncho or a cape of some sort, much less restrictive than a jacket.

  3. chickenruby

    hope hubby is feeling better now, haven’t seen Spectre but have heard many good reviews like yours, i must make an effort to go and see it


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