Week 43 Project365 – 2015

Week 43 Project365 – 2015

The one where I totally lose interest in Project365.  I’ve lost interest this week. I’ve not been far and to be honest there’s only so many pictures you can take of the garden and the local lanes.
The only thing keeping me going is that there is now only 9 weeks left!!

Highlights this week.

Monday – a couple of hours in Cwmbran. Initially to look for Christmas presents for the family. I sent a text to my son asking for ideas for Ashley but never got a reply. As some of you may know I’ve given up buying clothing for them as I never see it on them unless I kick off!!
We had a nice lunch in ‘spoons and bought Hubby a pair of waterproof trainers.

Oh yes, nearly forgot.. I did a guest post Pineapple upside down cake for Mel at Diary of a Jewellery lover! My first one..

Tuesday – Started writing my post about Hotter Shoes and Taking Shape.

Wednesday – Cinema to see The Last Witch Hunter. The film is about a man who was made immortal by a Witch Queen and he’s spent the last few hundred years searching for witches. The witches are trying take over and he’s only one that save us!
The film has some mixed reviews but the trailer looked good. However the film is not really that good. Vin Diesel doesn’t make you care about him and he puts in a pretty wooden performance. He should stick to driving fast cars or walking about in the dark!

Thursday – son was supposed to coming but he never turned up. It was the last day in school before half-term and he forgot there was a Halloween party.

Friday – Son turned up with Ash and Theo. I didn’t get to see them as I was in work. He forgot that I work on Friday.. This boy takes after his dad – scatter brained!

Saturday – not going anywhere today as MIL is still poorly and Hubby has a head cold.
Caught up with some blog commenting and reading up on how to improve my blogging. (I should start with stop moaning… bit of a tall order that one!)

There’s just 2 photos this week.

camera, google maps, soosie wales, Week 43 Project365

Top – my camera that’s been unloved and unused for the whole week. Do I really need to think about a new one?? Maybe it’ll boost my enthusiasm?
Bottom – The Google maps car! Seen outside the cinema. 

Hope you had a better week with your project365.


soosie wales


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  1. Erica Price

    Sounds like a bit of a frustrating week. Hope things go better next week.

  2. chantelle hazelden

    I’d love a camera, not just using my iPhone. sounds like you’ve had a fairly busy week!!

  3. 76sunflowers

    The weather and dull days don’t help with photos this time of the year! Those google cameras freak me out a bit!

  4. Elaine Livingstone

    love the google maps car. I went through a phase not long ago of being fed up with not only 365 but my blog in general, but I am still at it. This week was sh*te for my pics as well.
    Shame you did not see the boys, and I am with you never know what to buy as they have that much stuff and don’t need more to add to it.
    I usually take the older 2 the panto and will get tickets when I get paid this week.

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Oh now that’s an idea for Ashley… Panto sounds good


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