Week 41 Project365 – 2015

Week 41 Project365 – 2015

The week of the change of dentist, cinema and extra work days.

Sunday – just a normal day, few hours in work and not much else.

Monday – Dentist visit to check on the report from the hospital about the keratosis on the inside of my cheek. Now – I’m not keen on going to the dentist and had the same one for 20+ years until he decided to take early retirement. His replacement was a younger dentist who understands nervous patients. When I tried to make an appointment last week they said that Craig would now only be doing referrals and I would have to see either the other partner (not keen on him after he fooked up hubbys crown twice!) or a new dentist called Kieran.
I turned up for my appointment to be greeted by a chap who looked about 15!! We had a general chat and he checked the report. All went well and he seems to be well up on all the modern techniques.
No treatment needed so I went skipping out!!

Tuesday – Extra hours in work but managed to finish early. The it was Cinema late afternoon to see The Intern. Robert DeNiro applies for and gets a Senior Intern job at an online fashion company. I loved the film, the well observed ageism is very funny, but there’s also an edge of pathos to the proceedings too. So you end up laughing and crying. Highly recommended especially if you’re over 40!!

Wednesday – Normal hours at work and catching up with household duties!

Thursday – Bit of food shopping – got some offers in Waitrose to make sure I got the best out of my £6 off a £40 shop.

Friday – Back in work and bored rigid!! Still trying to make 2 hours admin work last for 7 hours!

Saturday – Work again covering for holiday. Spent the afternoon catching up on emails and competitions then watched the Wales v Australia rugby match which we lost!!

We’ve not seen the grandsons this week as Ashley and his mummy have both had a sickness bug.

I decided that I’d have a red theme for the photos this week.

soosie wales, Week 41 Project365

Hope you’ve had a good week.

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  1. jenny paulin

    glad that the dentist app went better than your and been thinking (and worrying about).
    that Robert De Niro film sounds good – thanks and as another paid up member of the 40+ club I guess i will like it lol
    lovely red themed photos x

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    Shame about not seeing the grandchildren, hope Ashley and mummy are feeling better.
    Hate not being busy at work, thank fully that does not happen where I am!!
    Love the red theme, autumn makes for great pictures.


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