Week 32 & 33 Project366 – 2016

Week 32 & 33 Project366 – 2016

Here I am again playing catch for Week 32 & 33 Project366.  Cinema, days out and car service dominated an uneventful 2 weeks.

Week 32

Monday – went to the cinema to for an Unlimited preview of Nerve. Playing an online game of Dare, the main characters of Vee and Ian team to complete tasks to complete to win money. The tasks get more and more dangerous, including driving a motorbike at 60 mph whilst blindfolded! A bit silly in places and you need to know a bit about how Social Media works to understand what’s going on.

Tuesday – cinema again with Hubby to watch Suicide Squad. This is the latest Marvel Comics incarnation. A group of disparate retrobates are bought out of their respective prisons and put together to try to defeat the Enchantress a mysterious entity hell bent on destroying Earth.
It’s an enjoyable film with plenty of action.

Wednesday – son in Oz has another car. The insurance has paid out and he bought another Mazda 2 he had his eye on. Hope it’s as reliable as his previous one.

Friday – Work until 2pm and on the way home I didn’t feel too good, a migraine on it’s way. I took my medication and rested for the rest of the day.

Saturday – Still not feeling well – we went to see MIL. By the time we got home my head was banging again. Suspect some sort of lurgy..

Week 32 & 33 Project366, soosie wales

AYWMC Prompts:

  • Fill the frame – White Hydrangea
  • Form or shape – I’ve never seen these spiky flowers before. No idea what they are. 
  • Balance – the view across the Severn Estuary. 
  • Pattern – Rusty chain links
  • No foreground – Sailing boats in the harbour.
  • Circular (and texture and pattern!) – Capstan thingy on the edge of the harbour lock. 

Week 33

Sunday – Day off – Son was supposed to popping in but both the boys had a tummy upset, so we went to Lydney Harbour for a walk about and to catch up with AYWMC prompts. Great place for photos when the weather is clear.

Monday – Trip to Cardiff to have the car serviced. We were expecting it to be done within a couple of hours but weren’t told that we should have booked a ‘slot’ rather that just an appointment. We arrived at 10am and told that the car would be ready around 3.30pm! That’s a long time to spend in a city centre you know well! We window shopped, drunk coffee and had a long lunch!
Yet another migraine after we got home..Not had a cluster migraine for a long time and hope I don’t more for a good while.

Tuesday – Feeling more like my usual self today.. hooray! Son and the boys popped in we had some fun playing with their toys.
In the afternoon we went to see The BFG. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what it’s about. All I need to say is that it’s magical, an absolutely fab film.

Rest of week was nothing special.

Saturday – We looked after the boys for a while whilst Mummy and Daddy went to the gym.
Our friends popped in later in the afternoon. K had an accident last week and came off his motorbike. Fortunately he wasn’t seriously hurt, just bumped and bruised. Just goes to show that the proper kit is always worth investing in. Without the kevlar trews, armoured jacket and top notch helmet I dread to think what injuries he would have had. Oh the bike? It’s a right off!!

Week 32 & 33 Project366, soosie wales

The boys and AYWMC

  • Create depth – the low view along the station. 
  • What’s leaving the frame? – Ashley running away from having a photo taken. 
  • No prompt for this one, just a mucky faced Theo!
  • Texture – A log with a rope carved into it. 


soosie wales

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  1. Elaine Livingstone

    love the rope carving on the piece of log, rather random.
    Yes good safety gear defiantly worth it, we have signs near corners up here telling us to think bike as they often come round the corner on the wrong side, but not sure what you are suppose to do if one comes out of a bend on your side of the road heading towards the car at a great rate of knots.
    Love the mucky face and laughed at the running away.
    Heard a lot of nice about BFG, will need to wait on the dvd, or netflix or amazon

  2. 76sunflowers

    Glad you’re feeling better and sometimes we need uneventful weeks – my kiddos love the lazy days even though I sometimes feel we should be constantly doing something! Love your boats picture – reminds me of back home on the Norfolk Broads 🙂

  3. jenny paulin

    we really enjoyed the BFG – it was ages ago now that we saw it but cannot wait to see it agin once it comes out on DVD, Your grandchildren are so big now – i bet they are a cheeky pair together! i love the textures and colours in your photos from the first week xx

  4. Erica Price

    Glad you’re feeling better. Sounds like your friend had a lucky escape thanks to the right gear.


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