Week 31 Project366 – 2016

Week 31 Project366 – 2016

A pretty uneventful Week 31 Project366. The usual cinema visit and very little else. A couple of days work and trying to keep up with the A Year with My Camera prompts for August.

Cinema on Tuesday to see Jason Bourne. This is the latest in the Bourne franchise and sees Jason trying to keep out of the CIAs eye. It’s the usual fare of him trying to keep one step ahead and learning more about who he really is. Car chases, shoot ups and loads of action.

Other than usual work days there was little else this week. So I’ll leave you with my attempt at the AYWMC prompts.

Week 31 Project366 - 2016, soosie wales

  • Diagonals – Bunting and a trail
  • Viewpoint –  Getting down low to see Molly
  • Rule of thirds – My buddleia, there was a bee on the flower – it flew off and the butterfly landed! 
  • Negative space – Hydrangea 
  • Frames – The Cross at Caldicot framing a street light. 
  • Leading lines – Juniper bush in the garden. Not strictly the subject but it’ll have to do!

Hope you’ve had a good week.
soosie wales

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  1. Erica Price

    I do like your hydrangea picture – the negative space works well.

  2. chickenruby

    i love the photo of the bunting against the sky

  3. Elaine Livingstone

    How convenient of the plane to leave a trail behind the bunting as you needed a diagonal picture for a photo prompt.
    I really like the light in the middle of the frame, and great magical capture of a bee that transforms to a butterfly.

  4. jenny paulin

    what a pretty cat and such lovely brightly coloured flowers too. x


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