Week 3 Project366 – 2016

Week 3 Project366 – 2016

Week 3 Project366 was rather eventful. Two cinema visits, grandsons and a hospital appointment for Hubby. 

On Monday I went on my own to see The Danish Girl. A film loosely based on the life of Einar Wegener/Lili Elbe a Danish artist on his/her transgender journey. Eddie Redmayne plays the part of Einar and he’s magnificent in the role. The Oscar nomination is well deserved. A thought provoking film that may not be to everyone’s taste depending on your views of the subject matter.

Tuesday – another cinema visit to see The Revenant. This has Leonardo DiCaprio in the main role of Hugh Glass, another well deserved Oscar Nominee. Glass is a tracker and trapper who gets attacked by a bear. Barely surviving and left for dead, the film then follows his fight for survival and vengeance. It’s a long film and it does sort of go off the boil at times but on the whole it is rather enjoyable.

Wednesday afternoon the son and grandsons came for a visit. Ashley has had a proper hair cut and looks very different. Theo was into EVERYTHING! He needs a lot of distractions to keep him in line!
The visit gave me a good opportunity to try out the new camera. I was really pleased with the shots all taken without a flash too.

Hubby had a hospital appointment to get the results of his high white blood cell count. All ok for now, blood tests every 6 months to keep track of it.

The rest of the week was the usual work, home and walks which were made more interesting experimenting with the new camera.

Hope you like the results..

Week 3 Project366

  • The Reen (like a canal) not running so fast now that the rain has stopped!
  • Local church entrance. 
  • Nice frosty leaves. 
  • Another of the Reen. Should have paid attention to the cables in the top left..

Week 3 Project366

  • Deciding whether to eat a jelly sweet. 
  • Telling me that Theo should be on the naughty step after breaking my tile coaster. 
  • Theo – posing for me. 

Such handsome boys!

Hope you’ve had a good week.

soosie wales
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  1. 76sunflowers

    Aw they are handsome boys! I always like your cinema film reviews – I have promised myself to get to the cinema to see some grown up films this year minus the children!

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    Love the tussled hair look, they are both growing so quickly.
    Love your pictures of the Reen, nice colouring in the water with the reflections.
    Could you not have cropped the cables out? or edited them and cloned them out?

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      I subscribe to a photography site and this week it was to promise not to crop. This one was taken via the viewfinder as the sun was directly in front.. Not used to viewfinders either..

  3. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    The boys are so cute. Hadn’t noticed the cables in the Reen shot, looks so peaceful. I’m gutted, I was meant to see The Danish Girl last night with a friend and it stopped in our cinema on Thursday 🙁 #366

  4. chickenruby

    gorgeous boys. the Reen looks stunning, a mini canal, I’ve never heard of this term before

  5. Mummy of Two + 1

    I would love the chance to go to the cinema by myself – for a little sleep more than anything! Your grandsons are adorable!


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