Week 3 – 2017 When a penny dropped

Week 3 – 2017 When a penny dropped

It’s been a slow Week 3. Not much going on this week, well until Saturday when a penny dropped!

I really have nothing to tell you about from Sunday to Friday. Days of lazing about and a few days work. No cinema trip this week as there’s nothing we wanted to watch.

We went to our friends house on Saturday for a Curry supper. We’ve not seen them for about 4 months even though they only live a few miles away. A few bouts of illness on both sides and other plans conspired against us. But we had a good catch up with lots of laughs.

This weeks AYWMC is all about Aperture. Controlling the depth of field using ‘f’ stops.
Up to this week I’ve had problems remembering which way to turn the dial for the depth of field I wanted and always had to refer to my notebook.
However I came across a comment that said and easy way to remember is to think ‘small F stop – small amount in focus and big F stop – big amount in focus’. Much easier to remember than large aperture (big hole – small F stop) gives short depth of field. So that was when the penny dropped – small for small / big for big!! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Aperture Homework 

1. Find out how to go onto aperture priority.
2. Find out how to change your aperture.
3. Find out what your min and max apertures are.
4. Take 2 photos of the same subject, one at your min and one at your max apertures.

Although I’ve done this before it felt a whole lot easier this year. I took some photos in the garden and we also popped down to Black Rock where you can see both the Severn Bridges.  I took some decent photos and on the way back to the car a squirrel was sitting on a post some 12 – 15 feet away. I already had my zoom lens fitted to the camera and took a quick snap.. it was too dark and had too much background in focus. I realized I still had the aperture cranked up after taking the previous photo. I cranked it down – remember ‘small number – small focus’ – and lined up the squirrel again. I am so chuffed with the shot I got. Background nicely blurred and the squirrel in focus.

week 3 When a penny dropped, soosie wales


  • Mr. Squirrel 
  • Mid-day sun over the Second Severn Crossing
  • Second Severn Crossing – not the best as I was shooting into the sun. 

week 3, when a penny dropped, aperture

  • F22 – big number – big amount in focus. 
  • F3.5 – small number – small amount in focus. 

week 3, when a penny dropped, aperture

In the AYWMC book and in the email Emma tells us that a bigger lens will make the blur more pronounced.
These 3 are TOP 55mm, RIGHT 100mm and LEFT 210mm.

Hope those of you doing AYWMC have been practicing too!

See you next week!


Project 365, week3


  1. Elaine Livingstone

    what a great way to explain it, this is not working with my camera. Going to try again with hubby’s once I download his manual. Your camera has managed this well.
    What a shame you have had a boring week.

  2. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    I love your homework shots and that definition – they work really well and that squirrel is fab. #365


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