Week 28 and 29 Project366 – 2016

 Week 28 and 29 Project366 – 2016

Not much has happened for week 28 and 29 Project366, in fact I even contemplated not bothering. Hence why I’m doing this post on Tuesday of week 30!

I haven’t taken many photos as I’ve been covering holidays at work and feeling generally tired. On my couple of days off I’ve done a short walk, watched films and done colouring.

Anyways…here’s how the past 2 weeks have panned out.

Week 28

The new boss asked why 2 of us share the day on Sunday. He asked if we would be happy doing a full day on alternate weeks.. Well duh..of course. So starting from 31/7 I’m having alternate Sunday’s off. More time to see the ‘boys’.

Tuesday – Met our new section leader Katy. She seems very nice and extremely efficient. Young..which bothers me but we’ll see how it goes.

Wednesday -Went to the cinema to see Ghostbusters. New version with female leads. There’s enough of the old film to make it feel familiar. It’s very funny and Kate McKinnon steals the show as a mad scientist. Chris Hemsworth sends himself up as the useless, dumb receptionist.  Don’t be put off if you love the original, we both thought the new one was better.
The Cineworld Unlimited card runs out on the 20th so I’ve renewed it today along with the Meerkats thingy. So we have another year of cinema to look forward to.
It’s proved to be good value – I’ve used my card 45 times making each visit £3.20!

That was about it for week 28

Week 28 and 29 Project366

Millie Marotta, Tropical Wonderland recent colourings.
The new comprehensive school going up!
Thistle in the car park

Hubby’s favourite – cherries. 

Week 29

Tuesday was a very hot day. Hubby had an early appointment at the hospital to check his white cell blood count. All OK and he only has to have a test done every 6 months to monitor the level. As long as it stays level there will be no need to go back to hospital.
We intended to go for a walk but it was too hot for walking and a waste of good weather to go to the cinema.
We both found some shade in the garden – him by pulling the sunbed against the fence and me in the dining room with the patio doors open.

Wednesday – Cinema visit for Tarzan. It’s quite good, a bit slow to start but does crack on with a good story. Not much else to say about it really.

Thursday – Quick visit from son and the boys. We played in the garden. Ashley is still obsessed with cobwebs and likes to searching for them..he won’t touch them though!
Theo likes to run around but eventually settled down to run his cars along the patio and play with the stacking rings.

Saturday – After seeing MIL we did a big shop as the company has given us 20% discount for a week. The cupboards and freezer are now full and we’ll only have to shop for fresh for the next few weeks.

Week 28 and 29 Project366

  • Silly boy!
  • Playing nicely together.
  • Needed some therapy this week. The elephant was quite a task as I only have 3 grey and 2 shades of black. 

We learned on Sunday (week 30) that our son in Australia had his car written off. Another car careered into it after chasing someone that hit his car.. Thankfully they were inside the house. I’ll pop some pics up next week.

soosie wales

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