Week 27 Project366 – 2016

Week 27 Project366 – 2016

Here we are at Week 27 Project366 – past the half way mark now. This week I’m sharing my latest attempts at flowers and plants.
I’ve been working extra hours to cover holidays, up at 5am but at least finished by around 1pm.

Highlights of the week. 

Tuesday – usual visit to the cinema to see Central Intelligence. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart play former college graduates that meet up 20 years later. Johnson is a CIA agent and Hart is an under achieving accountant. Hart gets involved in helping Johnson who’s on the run from his CIA bosses. It’s all a bit silly and far fetched but it is really funny. A good bit of fun.

Wednesday – free Budweiser beer day for us in Wales. Vouchers printed for Hubby, Son and myself. We all went to the local shop to collect our 4 cans each. Thank you AB InBev!
We don’t usually watch or follow the footy but as Wales was in the semi-final we decided to take a look. We lasted around 15 minutes, we both found it really boring.

Thursday – Day off – caught up with son in Oz for a short chat. He’s suffering with hay fever. Due to the climate there he gets it more or less all year round. Poor thing.
We did the usual food shop and a tidy round of the house.

Friday – at work but managed to finish by 1pm so I could watch Wimbledon mens semi-finals. Whoop Murray in the final again!!

Saturday – working again..I’m bliddy knackered.. Managed to finish by 12 so it was home, catch up with emails and Facebook then shower and do my hair and 40 winks before going to our friends house for supper. Lovely chilli, a glass of wine or three and lots of laughs.

I’ve taken some plant and flower pictures this week.

Week 27 Project366, soosie wales

  • Hydrangea – just starting to blossom
  • Apparently this white one is a DogWood. The white bits are not petals but bracts (like poinsettia). Isn’t the centre a wonder of nature!
  • My cultivar Buddleia
  • Roses taken with my phone camera and are a bit bright!
  • Choisya – now recovering after he cut it back..
  • As close as I can get with my Sony lens. 

soosie wales
You can see more of my photos by clicking Project366


  1. 76sunflowers

    Hayfever has been awful this year so feel your son’s pain! Beautiful flowers you have growing 🙂

  2. Erica Price

    I can’t imagine putting up with hayfever all year round – horrible. The film sounds fun.

  3. Elaine Livingstone

    I sympathise, I have annual rhinitis rather than hayfever and it is a 52 week pain.
    Lots of pretty flowers your garden must be looking nice.
    I know the feeling on being knackered, two 11 hr shifts just about kill me and I am very stiff and have sore legs time Sunday evening comes. The concrete floors at work are great to clean but sore on the joints when you walk 19+ miles a day on them.

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Good grief 19 miles a day! That’s ridiculous.. They should give you a ride on machine!

  4. Jenny Paulin

    your photos are really good , and the flower so colourful and pretty, your garden must indeed be looking pretty right now. Well done on your free beer and shame about Wales not making the finals but they did so well and much better than England – lol!!! xx


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