Week 24 Project366 – 2016

Week 24 Project366 – 2016

Well Week 24 Project366 saw us looking after Theo for more than a few hours, chicken pox, worry about catching it myself and our 39th wedding anniversary.

Here’s the highlights…

Monday – Son and DIL are taking Ashley to Alton Towers and staying overnight and we agreed to look after Theo.
They arrived bright and early at 7:30am. I noticed a spot on Theo’s face but was assured it was only a spot. OK>>>>>
They went on their merry way and we settled down to have some breakfast. Although Theo was his usual bubbly self the one spot soon became a few more and by 3pm when he was sleeping he had quite a few on his face, neck and arms. Oh dear he’s got chicken pox!  It’s 2 weeks since Ashley had it and we all thought he’d missed getting it.
At tea time he are very little but was happy to drink some milk. I could tell he wasn’t feeling very well. He fell asleep around 7pm and we took him to bed.

Tuesday – Theo woke about 4:30am so we had a cuddle in bed and he went back to sleep. He woke again around 6:30am. I was shocked to see his face – poor boy was more spots than face and he wasn’t himself at all. Very quiet and just wanting to cuddle. He didn’t want cereal but managed to eat one Belvita biscuit and drunk some milk.
I was worried that the chickenpox spots on his eyelids would become infected as I couldn’t put anything on them. I called the doctors and the doctor called back later and agreed that she’d need to check him out. So I took our poorly boy over at midday. He’d been quite grumpy and the only time he was quiet was when we walked over to the doctors. I think the fresh air was keeping him cool.
He had a full on paddy at the doctors, didn’t want his temperature taken, didn’t like having his chest listened to and certainly didn’t like having his ‘bits’ tampered with (his ‘bits’ were covered in spots and worried about infection ‘down there’). She prescribed some paracetamol and some anti-biotic just in case his eyes became infected.
When we got home I called his Daddy, they were on their way home as they were worried too.

So what should have been an exhausting 2 days became a worry-some time with a grumpy poorly boy.

Thursday – It’s our 39th wedding anniversary on Saturday and as we have lots to do then we decided to go for a carvery lunch. We have a Marstons a few miles away and it’s always good there!

Friday – I’m worried … I have a sore throat and a headache and feeling unwell. do you get that with chickenpox / shingles?? Or is it hayfever?  Every time I get an itch I’m checking for spots!  Am I being paranoid?? probably!!

Saturday – Hubby is working today 2 hours at his usual place then 2 hours at another store. We’ll have to decide if we’re going to MILs later. I still don’t know if my sore throat is due to chickenpox, hayfever or if it’s just a sore throat. At least the headache has gone. If we don’t go we’ll probably pop into son’s to see how the boys are doing.

Week 24 Project366


  • Theo at 1pm on Monday and 7:30am Tuesday. 
  • Chickens
  • The Second Severn Crossing and the pay plaza.  We turned up a path we’ve not been up before and you get a view right across the Bristol Channel (how I wish I had a telephoto lens!) 
  • Thistles – the main one is out of focus but I still like it. (How I wish I had a Macro lens!) 

That’s it for this week.

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  1. jenny paulin

    awwwwww poor Theo he does look spotty and sorry for himself. mazing how quickly the pox appears . happy wedding anniversary – a big one next year then, have you any plans for next year to celebrate? xx


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