Week 2 – 2017 Black White Grey

Week 2 – 2017 Black White Grey

This week it’s Week 2 – 2017 Black White Grey. I’ve been learning about grey scale and how a camera ‘sees’ things. There’s also been cinema visits and light-trail fun!

The week started with work. I was finished by 2pm, got home had lunch and the boys came down.
We missed Ash’s birthday as I was ill. He had his card on the day but we kept his present of books for today. He loved the Pixar character encyclopedia, full of pictures from his favourite films!
Theo was happy to play with cars and the garage, dropping cars down the slopes is his favourite!!
Whilst Theo was playing Ashley and I had some fun making light-trails with a torch.

Week 2 - 2017 Black White Grey, soosie wales

On Monday I went to see Manchester By The Sea. (On my own as it was a preview showing) The story about Lee Chandler, a janitor whose brother dies and he finds out at the will reading that he’s to become the guardian of his 16 year old nephew.
On paper the story sounds rather miserable but the way the story is told is more about what’s not said rather than what is. A very visual film.
I loved it and Casey Affleck can act the socks off his brother!

Nothing much to report until Friday. We had snow!! On the way to work at 6.30am it was coming down lightly and there was just enough to cover the ground and that was it!!
After work I went to see La La Land – not hubby’s type of film at all!! Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in this song and dance musical. Very reminiscent of the old fashion musicals of the 50s.(actually probably before that!!) It follows the story of an out of work actress and an aspiring jazz pianist.
It’s a fab film if you like this genre. They are not the best singers and certainly not Fred and Ginger (or Gene Kelly who cannot be bettered!) but they pull it off brilliantly.  A future classic!

So onto this weeks homework of AYWMC. 

The technical side starts with exposure and discovering that a camera on Auto sees all white or all black as grey! Yes honestly it does!  (the two centre pics are white paper and black paper)
As I’d already done this last year I had a go at trying to get it right first time and also a small collection of grey things.

Week 2 - 2017 Black White Grey, soosie wales

That’s all for this week!


Project 365, week 2


  1. Fee | One of Each

    Oo I so want to go see La La Land but think I’ll be waiting till it is on telly 🙁 The photography stuff is really interesting #project365

  2. chickenruby


  3. Elaine Livingstone

    Happy belated birthday to Ash. Nice to have them over, and hope you are feeling better.
    Love your light trails, how did you do that?
    I have not done my homework yet as I did not have chance to see e-mail util after dark on Friday, and weekends are a write off for me.

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Chuck the camera on shutter priority. Dial in a long exposure..Over 10-20 secs. Get someone to wiggle a torch..
      Better if you can do it in the dark..

  4. 76sunflowers

    I’ve been wondering about LaLa Land – but moreso as it has Ryan Gosling in! I really should start AYWMC again as I still have no clue about my DSLR.

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Definitely restart AYWMC. Even if you only do the the first few for the 3 main technical bits.

  5. Emma Gordon

    I want to see La La Land but don’t like going by myself! Really interesting hearing what a camera can see in, I had no idea! The light trails look really fun….*runs off to find a torch*

  6. jenny paulin

    I have heard good things about La La land , which you have backed up. I need to learn more about using my DSLR, often I am randomly prodding at it and keeping everything crossed for the perfect food photos!
    Glad you are feeling much better and that you got to see your grandsons.
    Love the wavy light photos x

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Join up with AYWMC.. It’s little chunks to learn week by week. You’ll learn lots and take away the guess work. X

  7. Sarah MumofThree World

    I like the sounds of the Pixar encyclopaedia and I really like the sound of Manchester by the Sea! I really need to see La La Land too.
    Have a good week 🙂

  8. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    I’ve not had a chance to do the grey homework at all – grrr. Those films both sound like my sort of thing. #365

  9. Notmyyearoff

    I really want to watch La la land. I might have to drag the hubby there to see it. Love the light trail photos!

  10. Emma T

    I’m so pants with AYWMC. The first year I did ok, last year I got a couple of months in, and so far I’ve not done anything other than read the email! I really want to see La La Land. It’s my type of film!

  11. Sara | mumturnedmom

    I want to see La La Land, love films like that! I think I’m going to have to check out AYWMC…

  12. Erica Price

    I love your light trails pictures. I am supposed to be following AYWMC but haven’t done any homework yet.

  13. Mandi

    You have convinced me about La La Land, love the light trails.


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