Week 19 and 20 Project366 – 2016

Week 19 and 20 Project366

So here we are Week 19 and 20 Project366. A double post as I’ve been on holiday. We went to Zante and I’ll be doing a separate post about it over the next few days. It was a great opportunity to get more practice in for A Year with My Camera too!

Highlights: (I’ll keep it brief!)

As you may recall from week 18 I had a few technology problems and ended up posting on Tuesday!

Wednesday 11th – prepping posts ready for #BEDM and clearing down my emails. We cleaned the house and got the packing done. No cinema again this week as we had to be in bed early.

Thursday 12th – Up at stupid o’clock to get to Bristol for 3am. Flight at 5Friday:15, into Zante by 11am (local time), at the apartment by 12 and at our favourite watering hole for 1pm!

Friday 13th – Pool day at Costa’s hotel next door to where we stay.

Saturday 14th – Zante town, lots of walking with a few pit-stops along the way for coffee and lunch. Lots of photos.

Sunday 15th – My birthday – the big 60!  My choice of activity for the day – another pool day at Cronulla in the centre of Kalamaki. Then a slow amble back to get all dolled up for our dinner at the Olive Tree. Although the food tasted ok I became ill (despite not having much to drink either) so we headed back to the apartment. Hubby didn’t feel so good in night so we must have eaten something that wasn’t right!

Monday 16th – another relax day. Neither of us felt like doing much or going very far. Thankfully whatever made us ill didn’t last and we both felt fine by early evening.

Tuesday 17th – We decided to hire a car for a few days and go exploring. Today we went further east to Argassi then south to Vasilikos and Geraka Beach.
We then made our way back to Kalamaki and continued west to Keri and the furthest point west. Not much here so ate our late lunch and took a few photos. We then set off for Marathias but took a wrong turn and ended up at Limni Keriou (Keri Beach). A really nice small beach and harbour area. We stayed here for a couple of hours then headed off back home.

Wednesday 18th – Today we went east again to Planos and Tsivili Beach, then north to Alikanas and on to Alykes.
Then we went further north to Agios Nikolaos for a very late lunch overlooking the harbour. We missed a turning on the way and ended up going about 15kms out of our way. We also nearly ran out of petrol!
After a nice relax and a look around we headed back to Kalamaki. A long day and tiring for him driving!

Thursday 19th – Weather broke and we’d had some early showers so decided to go to Zante town again. Thank goodness for the Venetian influence as you can walk through the shopping area and not get too wet.  Thankfully it cleared a bit in the afternoon so we headed back to Tsivili for lunch and another walk around. On the way back to Kalamaki we stopped off at Bochali up in the hills above Zante town.

Friday 20th – We didn’t go far today as it rained on and off for most of the day. A day when you wish for better TV channels or be able to watch a movie. Decided to bow out of BEDM as it was too much to keep up with!

Saturday 21st – Another wet day. It stayed dry long enough around mid-day for us to go out for a short walk and to get lunch. Then about 3pm we had a thunder storm and very heavy rain. The rain stopped around 7:30pm so we dashed out to our favourite restaurant for our last night.

Sunday 22nd – Last day and thankfully it was back to the sun shining! Off to the pool for the last time then back to the apartment at 4pm for a quick shower and change. George (who owns the apartments) ran us to the airport. Only about 50 people on the flight so we could all spread out.  Also means we didn’t have to suffer kids shouting, screaming and kicking the seats!

Week 19 and 20 Project366

From top –

  • Drunk Corner – one of our watering holes. 
  • Kalamaki countryside.
  • Fishing boat in Zante town.
  • Silly chicken doesn’t realise her eggs are rolling away!
  • The farm opposite the apartment. 
  • Hubby took this one – leaning out over a cliff! 
  • Agios Nikolaos.
  • Zante town from Bochali.
  • Bright rose outside the apartment. 
  • Rain… boo…
  • How often does this happen on a plane!

Hope you’ve had a good two weeks.


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  1. Elaine Livingstone

    Sounds like a nice time, apart from the upset tummy anyway. I love to go sight seeing and sounds like my sort of holiday. Gosh at him leaning out over a cliff for a photo, hope he was well insured.
    Gosh at the empty plane, but must have been much nicer.

  2. Erica Price

    Zante looks glorious. I’m glad the sickness didn’t spoil your holiday too much.


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