Week 17 and 18 Two week catch up

Week 17 and 18 Two week catch up

This is my catch up for Week 17 and 18. The past 2 weeks have seen a few days out, house painting and lots of AYWMC homework.

Sunday – Day off – didn’t do much today

Monday/Tuesday – Hubby has been painting the outside of the house so I was on ladder duty. I’m not keen on him climbing up to the apex of the gable ends – it’s about 20+ feet up!

Wednesday cinema – Ghost in the Shell this week. About a woman who’s brain is the only body part salvaged and is attached to an AI body. It’s a film that sounds good on paper but fails to deliver. It’s so so..

Thursday – lunch out at the Crow’s Nest Cwmbran. Not impressed and although it’s a ‘Sizzling Pub’ the quality of the food and service wasn’t as good as we’ve had at other outlets.
After lunch we went food shopping.

Friday – working.

Saturday – just the usual visit to the MIL.

I don’t have anything much to share in the way of photos.

Week 18

Sunday – Working and ended up doing a full day. It takes ages to sort through over £1000 worth of £1 coins to separate the old from the new!

Monday – Bank Holiday – Son popped in with the boys early morning. After they left we went to Cefn Onn Park in Cardiff. Lovely open space with lots of colourful Azaleas and Rhododendrons. I got photobombed by a dog whilst doing a long shutter shot of a little waterfall. He ended up looking like a ghost floating through!!

Tuesday – Quiet day before picking up Ashley from school. We took him to a park for a run around before going home.

Wednesday – work followed by cinema. We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. I loved the first one so was really looking forward to this. If you don’t know.. it’s about Peter Quill (Star Lord) who was taken from Earth when he was young and becomes a Guardian. In Vol.2 he meets up with his father who claims to be a Celestial (a God). The film is full of action, laughs and has an awesome sound track of 60’s /70s music. It’s better than the first one!

Thursday – working again to cover holiday. Managed to get done and dusted by mid-day. When I got home hubby suggested going out for a carvery before doing the food shopping.

Friday – Usual day in work.

Saturday – Pottering about.. cleaning the house and doing a bit of a tidy up in the garden.

week 17 and 18, soosie wales


I caught up with Week 16 Homework – Colour temperature and colour casts. The difference between sun, shade and artificial light.

week 17 and 18, soosie wales

The Colour of light and how altering White Balance and camera settings affect the finished result.

Week 17 Homework – This week it’s about ‘Fill light’ and reflectors. Using something white or bright to bounce light back a subject to soften shadows.

week 17 and 18, soosie wales

Using a reflector to change the effect of shadow

Week 18 is the first week of being creative. A bit of fun included in these modules. Homework is to pick one or more of the ideas to get the creative juices flowing. I have started this with taking a photo every 5 minutes for an hour. I may do another couple if I get time.
I’ll include all the homework here so that I know I’m up to date – even though this final one was done yesterday. (The bicycle folds up so the parachute regiment had transport when they landed!!)

week 17 and 18, soosie wales

Creative – one photo every 5 minutes for an hour.                                                  All taken at a Military Display at Caldicot Castle

That’s it for now.



  1. Elaine Livingstone

    it was one photo an hour for 12 hrs when I did it, every 5 mins is great it you are out somewhere but not so great in the house.
    Never think of the implications of things like £1 change overs for people like you. I will have the ones you are not wanting for the next few months……lol
    Loving the pictures from the military display, looks like a nice day out with great weather.

  2. chickenruby

    the Crow’s nest is at the end of the road where I lived as a baby, we’ve had many a family function there with my Gran living on llanaravon Way for many years. I bet those £1 coins took some sorting

  3. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    I’ve failed so miserably with that photo project. your colour cast shots are excellent – it’s am amazing experiment isn’t it. #365


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