Week 16 – 2017 The results are in!

Week 16 – 2017 The results are in!

Week 16 bought the results of my CT scan, a dull Easter and an even duller week of work. Oh – and a camera crisis!


Plans for today were to go out on my ‘shadow safari’ for AYWMC but it was pretty dull so we stayed in and had a lazy day.


We popped to the sons house to drop Easter Eggs for the boys. They have a trampoline set up in the garden and it was great seeing them both jumping and bouncing.
On the way out on a drive I took some photos of the rape seed fields but it became very cloudy and started raining so home again we went!


Sunny morning and while hubby went off for a blood test I went for a walk. A road near us has some cherry blossom trees and I wanted to get some photos of them. On my way up the road I turned on my camera and noticed a message on the screen – ‘lens not recognised’. Very odd as the lens hadn’t been off.. The power was low so I assumed it didn’t have enough power. I went back home to put it on charge.
I retried later and it was still the same. My other lens was ok so it had to be the kit lens. A search on the ‘net found a few forums with various ideas, one of which was to make sure the camera had up to date software. I’ll do it tomorrow!

Cinema in the afternoon to see Fast and Furious 8. If you’ve seen any of the other films in the franchise you know what you’re going to get. One lot of people against another group of people, lots of cars, car chases, car crashes and a bit of humour.
Disengage the brain and enjoy!


Working until 1pm then home to sort out the camera. Software updated but no change. The lens barrel would not shoot out. I tried wiggling it but still no joy. SO – I decided to perform surgery..take off the back and wiggle the cogs of the barrel as it was probably stuck. Simple enough..I decided to fit the back of the lens to the camera and see if worked..I turned it on, the barrel moved and took the front of the lens with it along with the ribbon cable attached to the back that was on the camera… FUBAR’d now!! DAMN! I should have screwed it together first!

I cried!! (a lot)


Took my camera and lens to a local camera shop. The chap there took a look and said he could have fixed it as the rim surrounding the barrel has had a tiny bump which results in the lens going into a sort of safe mode. Cost of repair £25-£30. I admitted that it was knackered and he said that the ribbon repair would be £80 + VAT but he had refurbished lenses in the Cardiff shop and I could have one for £100 with the broken one in part-ex.
An expensive lesson learned!!


Working. Horrid day which saw me having a bit of a melt down over the sickness policy. One rule for one and one rule for another! I’m still waiting for a decision about my appeal 7 weeks after putting it in!!
When I got home Hubby decided to cheer me up by taking me to Newport to get my lens. Happy girl now as it’s all in perfect working order. He had to throw in a new ND filter as the one on the broken lens wouldn’t come off.

Just after we got home I had a phone call from my GP to discuss the results of the CT scan. Nothing serious thank goodness but they did find ‘mild colonic Diverticulosis’.
I’m seeing the GP on 3rd May to discuss the best way to manage it. I’m really keen to stop having a bad belly every 3-4 weeks!
Happy end to the shitty day.


Usual visit to MIL then a walk around Magor Marsh for my ‘shadow safari’. Took some fab photos if I say so myself.

week 16, 2017, soosie wales

A Year with My Camera – Shadow Safari


This week is about colour casts and colour temperature. For example the yellow light you get from inside lighting. To get it right you use the white balance on the camera.
This week’s homework is to take photos of items under different lighting sources. I’ve not done this one yet – another week on catch up!!

Here are some other photos I took at Magor Marsh and one of the cherry blossom at the end of my road!

week 16, 2017, soosie wales

That’s it for Week 16




  1. Notmyyearoff

    I hope the GP can put together a brilliant plan for you and I’m so sorry about your camera. I would have completely bawled as well!

  2. tracey at Mummyshire

    Oh no, such a shame about your camera. I would’ve done the same, too, giving it a bit of a wriggle. I really hope it can be salvaged!
    I do hope the CT scan results can be figured out by the docs and you have a plan that works for you.
    I do love a shadow photo – I think they’re always intriguing and leave a lot to the imagination!

  3. chickenruby

    I bet you’re relieved to finally have a diagnosis, at least they can start treatment now and hopefully relieve you from the pain

  4. Elaine Livingstone

    Glad the scan did not show anything too sinister, and heres hoping something can be done.
    Oh boy I would have cried at the camera as well. Nice of hubby to cheer you up and get you sorted.
    I cannot disengage my brain when watching films and tv and get annoyed at things, hence I dont watch much ( things like horrors and CSI type programmes – why not put the light on instead of fumbling around in the dark)
    You did great shadow pictures.

  5. Erica Price

    What a shame about the camera! Glad you have it sorted now. It must have been a relief to get the scan results – hope you can find a way to manage it.


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