Week 15 – 2017 Last minute change

Week 15 – 2017 Last minute change

Week 15 saw extra day working, silly grandson and chasing clouds.

Sunday / Monday days off. Pottering about not doing anything in particular.

Tuesday – Son popped in with Ashley. Theo was asleep so he stayed with Mummy. We had a silly playtime.
In the afternoon the usual Cinema visit to see Going in Style. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin play 3 old chaps whose pensions get frozen after the company they worked for gets bought out. Caine comes up with a plan to rob the local bank and manages to recruit the other two into doing it with him.
It’s an easy going film with some good funny moments.

Wednesday – My colleague in work warned me that the boss will be asking me to work Thursday as another colleague had rung in sick.
When he came in and asked me to work Thursday, he offered to let me have Friday off.. Err… not likely, I get time and half and holiday hours so no thanks!!

Thursday – plan for commenting on other #365 posts put on back burner. Also had to postpone plans for AYWMC homework too!

Friday – Full day of work.. not finishing early when there’s time and half being paid!!

Saturday – Usual visit to MIL around lunch time. Back at home in the afternoon making preparations for a Fajita supper for us and our friends.

week 15, 2017, soosie wales

Above –

  • This boy makes me laugh..Banging the cushion, blowing raspberries and balancing. 
  • Cherry blossom – trees that line a road near to us. 
  • Rape seed field on the way to work. 


This week is about quality of light. Hard and soft light with shadows. Homework is a ‘Shadow Safari’. With the extra time in work, a busy Saturday and dull weather I’ve not completed this yet. Even Easter Sunday and Monday are dull!
I’ll have to hope for some sun on Tuesday!

That’s all for now



  1. Elaine Livingstone

    They do make you laugh with their antics don’t they. Shame Theo was asleep but one is better than none.
    Quite right on making the most of the time and a half, only think I hate about weekend working is a bank holiday never falls on a weekend so the staff get the bank holiday pay on the Monday instead.

  2. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    Love the blossom and oil seed rape field shots #365


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