Week 14 – 2017 Tough start and good end

Week 14 – 2017 Tough start and good end

Week 14 –  hospital, cinema, work, sunshine, a lunch date and a telling off for hubby!

Monday – Hospital appointment for my CT Scan. It’ll be good (or bad depending on what’s wrong!) to know what’s causing the episodes of upset stomach.
I wasn’t kept waiting and was seen within minutes of arrival. The radiologist explained each stage of the procedure and it wasn’t anything near as bad as I thought it would be. I was given a cup of tea at the end and had to wait for about 20 minutes to make sure that the muscle relaxer and tagging medication didn’t have any adverse effects. I have to wait up to 2 weeks for the results.

Tuesday – Cinema trip to see Life. A space adventure about the Space Station and the investigation of soil samples from Mars. They find a cell of life that quickly grows and endangers their lives. They quickly realise that this cannot get back to Earth.
The film is a bit dull at times but overall it’s just OK.

Wednesday – work and very little else.

Thursday – Usual food shopping. We also washed the kitchen down.. yeah exciting I know!

Friday – When I was at work Hubby had a phone call from his Mum. She had called earlier in the week to say that she wasn’t very well. She was calling again to say to give our usual Saturday visit a miss as she still wasn’t well. Hubby also had a telling off as he hadn’t called to ask how she was… no bliddy pleasing this woman.

Saturday – Lovely warm, sunny day and as there is no need to visit MIL we went out for lunch in Chepstow. Tasty steak washed down by a V&T. Lush!!
A walk around the town finished off a happy afternoon.


This week is all about light and learning to see where the light is coming from and how it affects your images.

Homework is to take images of a subject with the light coming from 6 different directions.

Here’s my attempt:

week 14, 2017, soosie wales

Pics from walks and Chepstow.

week 14, 2017, soosie wales

That’s all for this week



  1. chickenruby

    i love walking round chepstow, will be there at the edn of this week, hope your test results come back with good news

  2. tracey at Mummyshire

    I’ve never been to Chepstow but I do love all the light coloured stone. Very British!
    I also think it’s so clever what can be done with lighting – when I have a bit of time (maybe when I’m 60!!) I’d like to do more photography. Maybe one day!

  3. Notmyyearoff

    Chepstow looks so pretty against all the blue skies. And that movie does sound a bit dull. Think I’ll give it a miss!

  4. Erica Price

    Chepstow looks pretty. I’ve never visited, but some of our family are originally from there.

  5. Elaine Livingstone

    Hope your results show something easily treatable.
    Glad you enjoyed a meal out and a wander afterwards.
    I was thinking eclipse when I saw your apple pictures..


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