Week 13 – 2017 Almost back to normal

Week 13 – 2017 Almost back to normal

Here we are at Week 13, a quarter of the year done! Back to normal more or less this week. Although there was no cinema trip. It ended with an odd weekend.

Monday / Tuesday days off and did nothing much other than potter about the house. Hubby not feeling very well, just a bit meh…

Wednesday – Working today. I managed to finish a little early so we could go to the cinema. When I got home Hubby said he was still feeling a bit poorly and I was really tired after him disturbing me with his snoring!! We decided to watch a film on tv instead.

Thursday / Friday – Working – Nothing much else.

Saturday – Son called to say he was going to a friends wedding on his own as DIL didn’t fancy coming back late at night. We were going to look after both the boys for the afternoon and evening but Son suggested taking Ashley for the day as he was keen to have a sleep over!  We picked him up around 11am and went food shopping followed by lunch at the local Wetherspoons. He chose to have ham, egg and chips which he devoured, followed by a bag of apple slices. For such a small boy he can’t half pack away his food! #hollowlegs.
Back at home he helped to put the shopping away and we played some games. A small tea, tv and bed for 7pm.

Sunday – Ashley was up at 7am so we watched some tv before Hubby came home from work at 8am. Then we all had breakfast together. Hubby took him home around 10am.
I have a CT scan tomorrow and I have to prepare my body ready. Yesterday was a low fibre diet and some medication. No food after 4pm! Sunday was worse, still low fibre and more medication to clear me out! I’ll spare you the details!!!


This week is a week off before the next session of lessons. The email suggests some different projects we might like to take part in. I decided on #1day12pics, a bit busy on Saturday so I attempted it on Sunday. I managed 9.. ah well might do better next month.

week 13, 2017, soosie wales


  • It amazes me how good he is with his technology
  • Face in the clouds
  • One of our conifers
  • Spider web, spotted through the front window. 
  • Diagonal (grasses) 
  • Strawberries – Can’t eat them on the restricted diet but be demolishing them on Monday!! 
  • Sunday tea – Oxo, 2 crackers followed by 150ml of custard and small cranberry juice!!
  • Hatched lines colouring – Flamingo.
  • The Poinsettia is still going! 

Project 365, week 13


  1. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    Lovely photos, glad the sleepover went well. Hope the scan has gone ok, I’d be starving! #365

  2. tracey at Mummyshire

    Gosh, that’s a long time without food. Hope your scan went well and you ate lots afterwards to make up for the starvation!
    Your Poinsettia is gorgeous and what a great bloom it has on it. I can never make mini last past Christmas!

  3. Emma T

    Hope the scan went ok.

    I always forget to do 1day12pics. One day I’ll start it early!

  4. Elaine Livingstone

    hmmmm I know what the stuff does to you, rather you than me. Hope the results are not to drastic.
    How nice to have him for a sleepover.
    Great face in the cloud.

  5. chickenruby

    hope your scan went well and the strawberries tasted as good as you’d hoped for


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