Week 12 – 2017 More Work Work Work

Week 12 – 2017 More Work Work Work

Week 12 meant even more hours in work. So there was little else other than the usual cinema trip and a couple of walks.

Sunday – Working – busier than usual running updates and getting processes in place for the new £1 coin.

Monday – Day off! Didn’t do much. Catching up with emails, AYWMC etc.

Tuesday – Work again and had planned on going to the cinema but I fell asleep half hour after getting home!

Wednesday – Work followed by cinema trip. This week we watched ‘Get Out’. A rather odd film about a black man (Chris) meeting his white girlfriends parents for the first time. It started off quite slow and things take off when they arrive at the parents. You get the feeling straight off that something is not quite right about the family or their friends. The tension builds nicely until you and Chris discover what’s really going on. I’ll say no more here..If you go to see it stay with it as it gets better and better as it goes on and ends up as quite a horror!

Thursday – I thought I had the day off but I got a call just after 9am asking me to go in as my colleague had to go home for a family emergency.  Aye alright…. give me half hour or so!!
My colleague rung me at work saying her mum had fallen and needed to be cared for and asked if I could also take her shift on Friday if someone could cover my shift on Admin..She also offered to take over my Saturday shift in exchange. Great!! That meant I have 4 days off on the trot! Woo Hoo!

Friday – Work – and managed to get ahead of myself by the time I went to break. I was all done by midday. When I got home hubby suggested going out for lunch before going food shopping. Oh go on then!!

Saturday – Quick chat with son in OZ via messenger. We need to start planning our big trip!!
Gorgeous sunny weather to go for a local walk and catch up with AYWMC homework.

Sunday – I’ll include it this week as it’s part of this weeks AYWMC. Another gorgeous sunny day and a plan to go to Big Pig to take some photos for homework.
Son and DIL called in with the boys and had a card and chocolate for me. Ashley has lost one tooth and has a very wobbly one which he thinks is really funny to show you!!


Advanced composition this week but first a question..
Why are you taking photographs? I’ve pretty much always taken photographs. When I was a child I had a Kodak Instamatic and took photos of family and friends. When we got married and had the boys it was a way of keeping memories alive.
Now that digital cameras are the norm it’s much easier as you have the results there and then to share with family, personal friends and my virtual online friends.
In the past year I’ve seen an improvement in my skills when I go out with the intention of taking ‘photos’ but I also still like just taking quick ‘snaps’ especially of the grandsons.

Homework – one or more of the following. 

1. Visual weight
2. What’s out of frame?
3. What’s leaving the frame?
4. What’s overlapping?
5. or use one of several prompts. 

Here’s my efforts for last week and this week.
You can also catch up with more images on my Instagram feed.

Week 12, 2017, soosie wales

Last week’s homework.

  • Fill the frame
  • Frame within a frame (framed the other photographer) 
  • Repitition – lockers in the Bathouse – Big Pit – Blaenavon

Week 12, 2017, soosie wales

This weeks homework

  • Old – bench outside local pub. 
  • Overlapping
  • What’s out of frame
  • Tired 

Hope you had a good week.

All for now.


Project 365, week 12


  1. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    I’m so rubbish at doing that homework and even reading the emails. All your shots are fab though, my son would love the train #365

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    I have given up with it as my new camera is useless with few manual settings, using my phone a lot of the time.
    Love your tired picture…I feel rusty and clapped out a lot of days.
    Great one of the row of lockers, I like that a lot.

  3. Erica Price

    I do like your Big Pit pictures. We went the other year and found it really interesting, not least because both my husband and I had grandfathers who were Welsh coal miners (albeit elsewhere in the valleys).

  4. Emma Gordon

    Wow a busy week! The yellow flowers made me smile, really reminds me of spring into summer 🙂 You have lovely photos, I enjoy seeing your work. (Sorry I am a week behind with my comments…must do better! #project365)

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Thanks for the kind comment about my photos.
      Don’t worry about being behind commenting. I’m ALWAYS behind!!

  5. chickenruby

    glad work sorted it self out for you and gave you 4 days off together, which must be nice. love the photo of the view outside the framed window panes


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