Week 11 Project366 – 2016

Week 11 Project366 – 2016

Week 11 Project366 was the week I lost a tooth and went to the Jessops photography course.

Sunday – A rather odd day in work as I couldn’t enter any information onto the system and could only complete paperwork ready for my colleague to sort out on Monday. She phoned me yesterday to say she had problems and it wouldn’t be sorted out until Monday as the finance department doesn’t work on the weekend.

Monday – I had a couple of early calls from my colleague who was trying to sort out the mess on the weekend. I also had a dental appointment as my tooth problem from last week was still hanging about. It started last week with horrendous toothache, it settled down a little but I felt it best to see the dentist.
He took a look and took an x-ray and found a hole on the side of the tooth. Option was to remove it there and then or remove it on the next visit.. I opted for there and then.

Tuesday / Wednesday – I worked both days. Dosed up to the eyeballs on Paracetamol as my face was tingling a bit from the tooth extraction.
We went to our friends house for tea on Tuesday as it was Kev’s 50th birthday. Lovely evening, chatting with other friends and generally having a laugh.
No cinema this week, not much we really fancied other than see Deadpool again. We decided to watch the two Divergent films on Amazon Prime instead so that we can watch the third one at the cinema next week. They are a bit like the Hunger Games.

Thursday – Usual food shopping trip and pottering about at home.

Friday – Day off to use up the last of my holiday hours. Walks, TV and colouring took up most of the day!

Saturday – Spent all day at Jessops in Cardiff doing their Level 1 photography course. I enjoyed the day and it sort of cemented the knowledge I’ve gained from doing A Year with My Camera.  There was a lot to cover and some of the other ‘pupils’ struggled as they were new to photography. It was rather nice having a bit of an advantage – for once!

Typical! The only time we could see Ash and Theo was Saturday or Sunday – Out all day and then in work!!


Week 11 Project366

  • Another Camelia – It’ll be in full bloom this coming week! 
  • Learning about Aperture and depth of field. 
  • One for composition week 2 – negative space and rule of thirds. 
  • Daffs – composition by moving position and applying rule of thirds. 

 soosie wales

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  1. Elaine Livingstone

    Glad you got enjoyed the photography course and got something out of it.
    Shame you did not see the boys.
    Work must have been boring if you could not actually do much.


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