Week 10 Project366 – 2016

 Week 10 Project366

Quite a busy Week 10 Project366. A trip to Cardiff, a new camera bag, Grandsons and a prize mug.

HIghlights of the week:

Monday – a trip to Cardiff just to get out of the house. When I bought my new camera it came with a Sony bag, it’s big enough to carry a camera and spare lens but I like to carry my mobile, a notepad and my purse when I go out but I can’t fit it all into the bag. So I end up with a camera bag and my handbag.
Before I bought my camera I was looking at the Lowepro sling and it was half price in Jessops last week. When we went to the shop they didn’t have any left. Oh well..
I love the arcades in Cardiff, full of local businesses and Hubby has to pop into Spillers Record shop! While he went there I popped into Cameraland and they had the Lowepro on offer.. WOO HOO.. It’s a great bag, I can fit in my new camera, my old Panasonic, a mobile, notepad, mini tripod and my purse and still have room to spare!. Brilliant!

Tuesday – Cinema in the afternoon, not much we fancied so we went to see The Revenant again. It didn’t disappoint for a second time. The cinematography is spectacluar.
After Hubby went to bed I watched the last episode of this seasons Suits.. can’t wait for series 6.

Thursday – Hospital for Hubby, a routine appointment that he didn’t enjoy one bit! He cheered up later though as we had arranged to pick up Ashley from school and bring him back for tea. We picked him up and took him food shopping first. He enjoyed helping, collecting various items and choosing a nice treat.
When we got home we watched Toy Story, funny boy wouldn’t sit on the sofa with us, he insisted on sitting on the floor. We had a lovely tea of gammon and egg which he devoured! Then it was back home in time for bed.

Saturday – I won a Taffywood Mug a few days ago and it came today. It comes from a range that uses Welsh / Cardiffisms to rewrite film titles.
Hubby was working a few extra hours so ended up with no breakfast. He decided a ‘spoons brekkie was needed. He enjoyed his full english, I enjoyed my tea and toast.
A quick visit to his Mum then back home in time for the England Wales match. Boo Hiss, England won!!

 Week 10 Project366

  • Ashley, enjoying his strawberries and drink. 
  • New camera bag, looks huge here! But it’s actually like a medium sized handbag. 
  • Mother’s Day chocolates.
  • Taffywood Mug. 
  • Theo – just like his daddy, car mad! 

That’s it, week 10 done!

soosie wales

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  1. Elaine Livingstone

    Hope the results of hubby’s appointment were ok. How nice that Ashley cheers up your day and you had a good time with him.
    Love the pic of Theo looking very relaxed.

  2. karen

    I like the camera bag, and the mug looks fun too. Hope the results of your husband’s appointment come back ok!


  3. chickenruby

    that camera bag looks fab and I love the ‘Cwtch me if you can’ mug, i’ll add season 5 of suits to my ‘to watch’ list

  4. Jenny Paulin

    I want to see The Reverent – it looks amazing, and Leonardo films are usually pretty good. Love your new mug and the camera bag is lovely. I hope your hubby’s results will be ok x x

  5. Erica Price

    Lovely shot of Ashley. I do like your new camera bag.


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